one fine day youtube-ing

I watched One Fine Day again after 8 years. I woke up feeling pretty much romantic because of my weird dream (ahem, it didn’t involve S but this other one, and I want to keep it to myself for now. You can always google him when you find out who he is. Well, not when but if.). So anyway, seeing the movie as I’m having my breakfast (so it means I had breakfast for almost two hours, lol) was a nice way to bookend that romantic feeling :).

Anyway, I was still so lazy to work on my research so I went to youtube for a dose of fan things :). I’m really a fan, okay. Not the hardcore type, but still, I get crazy over moviestars :).

You would have guessed what I youtube’d.  Yes, I watched again and this time favored the Season 7 bloopers of Friends among the many vids uploaded.  Anyway, did you know that back in 1997, Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) had a cameo in Friends? He was seated beside Rachel on her flight to London to supposedly break up Ross’ wedding with Emily. It was short but funny and cute. He was less scruffy there though.

As stated over and over, before Friends, Jennifer Aniston had a string of sitcoms cancelled after a season or two. The Edge was one of those. It was sketch show of sorts that was kinda funny though not as funny as SNL or MadTV. An old fan uploaded some clips and there was Jennifer who played a wife seeking therapy in one, and an innocent daughter bringing home a Bigfoot boyfriend at home in the other. It was aired in 1992, obviously because the way they dressed was hideous :D.

It wasn’t as good as Titanic Two The Surface that E showed me before but have you seen the short trailer of Mr. and Mrs. Pitt?

Lisa Kudrow’s HBO show The Comeback (which got her an Emmy nomination), I wish, would be shown here soon. Her character, Valerie Cherish, was so Phoebe Buffay when she sang I Will Survive

It’s the first time that I saw Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s cute Coke commercial.

Matthew Perry’s upcoming show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is very promising. (They had to take out the full pilot episode, sayang.) His kinda old interview promoting The Whole Ten Yards on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was funny, too. His comedic timing is really just perfect.

I thought that the rumors about Matthew and Lauren Graham dating were true. Bagay pa naman sila. Anyway, I started thinking it couldn’t be true when I watched her Ellen interview last Feb. The George Clooney fantasy was amusing.

Then of course, THE George Clooney. Countless yummy videos of him, kaloka. Anyway, I particularly loved the opening clip of the Academy AwardsWhat he had to say about Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman when he was on Oprah. And of course, my favorite scene in Solaris (A-1 yumminess alert).

Hay, I really don’t know if this can be counted as a waste of time when it made me laugh. By the way, the Alyssa alano-Keys Me video got old already. It would be nice to look back at it in a few months, then maybe it’ll be as amusing again. Like the Chinese version of the Backstreet Boys. Or this dance number from a bunch of Japanese men. Laugh trip, sobra.

Now, it’s time to do something productive.

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3 replies

  1. ^ hah, good for you, you can see those plugs 🙂 as far as i know it’s a show to start in FX on january ’07. Courteney will play a tabloid editor so she’ll do all these tabloidy sh**ty things 😉

    Sounds promising– there were a lot of buzz that there will be a hint of the brangelina-vaughniston angle but we have yet to see it. hope it airs here in manila soon, too.

  2. I’ve been seeing these commercials for Dirt starring Courtney Cox. What is it all about? Looks like a gossip drama.

  3. So Clooney is thinking about running for office? I know he’s pretty politically active, but with his party past I can’t see him going far.

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