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Something unfortunate happened last Friday in Robinson’s Ermita. It was your usual mallwide-sale-on-a-Friday crowd where you cannot easily determine if there’s a commotion or not. Anyway, past the Adriatico wing, I came across two security personnel clutching a woman whose head was terribly bleeding. The judgmental me immediately thought, is it one of those shoplifters again caught by civilian guards roaming the mall (I’ve seen a lot of those, believe me. From canned milk to clothes— what’s worse, di sila yung tipong poor na iisipin mo talagang dala ng kahirapan kaya kumapit sa patalim. They were decently dressed na talagang obvious rumaraket! One of them was even a very fat woman who hid the cans– get this– between her legs! Strong grip? Yay. Anyway, I digress.)?

Turned out, and I deeply regret misjudging, that she was hit by a pointed umbrella which fell from, I don’t know, 3rd or 4th floor of the mall. Yikes. You were unknowingly walking on the first floor then suddenly– whack— a pointed thing hits your head, literally like a nail being pounded by a hammer. Ouch. I knew about it because syempre, umusyoso ako on the exact place where the “fatality” happened. It was right there in the middle of an open space in front of Astrovision and Mcdo, and grabe, fresh drops of blood were still there. I bet it wasn’t anyone’s fault naman. Anyway, it probably was someone who was on the railing of the upper floors then the umbrella escaped the grip. Incidentally, the whole open space wasn’t that “open” because a mini-concert was about to begin. I doubt if people away from the scene even knew what just happened. I feel bad for the woman, and also to the one who accidentally dropped the umbrella. Can you imagine the mental agony of that? However, the Robinson’s people were quick to act, to be fair. They didn’t cordon off the area but they fastly managed to make way to attend to the casualty. Wala namang may gusto noon. Accident lang talaga, albeit very harsh. Pero imagine? Pwede namang diretso sa sahig yung payong. Or pa-horizontal ang bagsak. Pero nooooo, swak! Terrible.


One thing I greatly despise is how people, and this is specific to the National Bookstore in Rob Ermita, would enter the Pedro Gil door of National to get to the mall instead of going to the mall entrance. I hate it. I do it but on all those occasions, I really have a business in National and I don’t use it to simply pass through. What makes it more annoying to me is when these people walk past you na parang ikaw yung humaharang sa daanan nila palabas nung kabilang pinto nung National. Gosh, how hard is it to walk a few more steps so you would use the mall entrance? Manifestation ba ng mababang emotional quotient yan??? Yung iba kunyari gumigimik pa na dadampot ng book to make their entrance “legit”. Eh hello, yung iba naman ang itsura eh yung mapapasabi ka nang, “Put it down, hindi ang itsura mo ang mukhang nagbabasa ng libro!” Hmp.


Lastly, do you put your real name in restaurant service surveys? You know, the thing they shove in your table when you’re enjoying your meal?! Anyway, I don’t. I have used countless different names. I think putting your name in those things should be optional. They can ask for, well, age or gender to establish the demographic. What they’re after naman are the comments on the service, food and cost, right? I wonder if they even evaluate that. Do they?

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  1. for me, i don’t find anything wrong with people going thru a department store to get to a mall. i think marketing strategy yung may entrance yung store to the mall. the owners of the store know that this will happen. ang iniisip nila kasi, if while passing thru, makakita ka ng pwede mong bilhin sa store nila, ok na ok sa kanila yun. in a way, parang subliminal marketing yun. kaya ang nilalagay nila sa floor ng daanan are items na makaka-catch ng attention ng mga dumadaan. pabor sa kanila yun.

    ok lang yun… hayaan mo na sila. wag ka ring makunsensya kung gagawin mo din yun. aware naman ang mga store owners about that 🙂

  2. I like that mall and do some of my shopping over there. But that was indeed unfortunate of the woman who got hit by the umbrella; but in such architecture, I wonder if not only umbrellas but cellphones and spilled drinks have caused similar harm/inconvenience.

  3. Talk about public security and management. The mall should learn from such untoward occurences to devote security and safety measures for its customers.

    Re surveys in the resto, I also do not put my real name. I wonder too, how do they keep it in a database, or do they have one? 🙂

  4. Poor woman! A pointed umbrella, of all things. But it sounds weird, I wonder how that umbrella happened to fall on her.

    Btw, don’t be so hard on those National Bookstore-passing peeps (hehe obvious bang guilty ako?). It’s the aircon, most of the time. Ang init kasi galing sa labas kaya nagmamadaling maka-aircon hehe…

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