The MBTI test administered to us a few weeks ago yielded that I am type INTJ. Simply put, my personality type reflects Introversion (vs. extroversion), iNtuition (vs. sensing), Thinking (vs. feeling) and Judging (vs. perceiving).

I am pretty much satisfied with my reading, although people found it hard to agree that I am introvert (slightly introvert, at least). I guess for someone who blabs a lot and seldom prefers to not speak up, that’s understandable. In fact, when the facilitator was asking for thoughts on the unit one-on-one and nobody was talking in behalf of our unit, I nonchalantly raised my hand, stood up and spoke. My colleagues behind me then asked, “Ano ka nga ulit? Extro o intro?” I said, “Introvert.” Then they chorused, “Oooh.” It was amusing.

I said before that I rarely believe readings of this type but I guess, it got something accurate this time. Despite my personality, I am still an introvert. Just because I talk a lot doesn’t mean that I am geared towards extroversion. There’s a lot in me that’s not for public consumption. The things I say and share are much less compared to those I simply retain in my head. (And that’s a lot of things unsaid because I really talk a lot). I think I think so much, and I don’t necessarily have to say them. Not to say that I’m like, “I am not what you think I am” because that would be creepy. I guess it’s just sufficient to say that this is not everything about me.

In fact, when I told my mom about it, she wasn’t surpised. Not one bit. She said that I am an introvert— I don’t go out of the house to meet and greet our neighbors. True. We’ve lived here in our street for 4 years and I have not engaged in a conversation with anyone, no exaggeration. In our last place, we were there for 4 years and I was the same with the neighbors. Unless I was going to school, to work, or to an errand, I did not go out of the house. When we have visitors, I say the complimentary welcome greetings and smoothly segue upstairs. Even when we have relatives who visit, I talk during lunch or dinner but I rarely mingle. Yes, all these observations were from my mother, and I agree with her.

The result, which the test said only reflected a respondent’s preference, was worth knowing. Introversion has been a strange concept to me basically because people have always made me feel that I am so an extro. Now we know.

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