i should tell you, i should tell you

I know I’m such a loser, but I only watched Rent (the movie) yesterday!!! I know of the “culture” it generated as a long-running musicale but I only have the movie as the point of reference and I gotta say, it was great! See, I really need to go to NY! Darn, darn, darn.

Anyway, I am so lazy to link the youtube vids, the lyrics to the songs…because I still have a hangover :).

I should watch it over and over though. Maybe this will get old soon, but now, it’s something I regret not seeing earlier.

I loved it, I loved the cast as a whole, but my favorites are Angel and Joanne.

Then I loved all the songs but my favorites are, of course their La Vie Boheme in the diner, Angel’s Today 4 U, Angel and Tom’s I’ll Cover You, and syempre Seasons of Love on the first part…that didn’t make much impact sa umpisa, how would I know I’m gonna like it so much?

Obvious na obvious na neophyte Rent-head. I know it’s not too late to catch up. I must be getting crazy, the songs are playing in my head since this morning!!!

Anyway, it may have its great moments and I may still be high on it, but Chicago is still better… and of course, my timeless Amadeus.

~ * ~ * ~

Another thing that makes me really up and jumpy is… Jensen Ackles. I thought it was a short-time thing. Aherm, not when I actually had time to watch Supernatural again. I kinda don’t like him when he smiles a lot…which he doesn’t really do much on the show, hihihihi. I love the way he looks so masungit all the time. You know, yung laging nakakunot yung noo, and pretending to be tough and suplado when things or words sting too close to his heart. As I said, I must really have an attraction for men who are quite hard to fathom, and to approach for that matter.


How can you not like him?


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