So…Suri Cruise does exist. I can’t wait for my Vanity Fair copy to arrive.

My new favorite hangout : the Thomas Jefferson Information Center. Literally less than 50 steps from my office, I only tried going there yesterday to browse for references. I have no idea yet how extensive the collection is but I did find a book I’m supposed to borrow all the way in UP Diliman, so I think it’s a good start.

Remember my term paper? It’s due tomorrow. I have not started anything, not one word. Basing it on my book reviews, I think I have to up my effort by 100% to finish the paper. See, I can finish a 7-page book review in four hours, so tonight, I have to spare six to eight hours for a 14-page term paper. Let’s not talk of quality though. Gah, the important thing is to finish. That’s always the essential thing. To finish. *grins* What will you do with a very meaningful but unfinished paper? *grins more*

My lovelife is still *yawns*. I don’t know if I’m ready for one though, if we look at it in the final analysis. It’s just a typical case of liking someone, something that comes to me once a year. I mean that feeling towards someone I see and meet— the one towards George or Jensen, or even Matthew Perry, those are only moments. We all have it, don’t we? Anyway, this recent thing with that guy pertained to in several posts below, I prefer to take the high road in dealing with it. I don’t know how many times I’m gonna use that phrase when posting about that topic, but anyway, unlike last year, I am going to change lanes. Aside from the fact that the territory is too familiar, I don’t see myself wanting to win anyway. Win whatever, even whoever. I know that some people will really go above and beyond when they’re in love; I can’t claim to not be like those people as I also love deeply, but I always take offense even at the slightest provocation from a person who apparently sees me as a threat or someone in her precious way. At this rate, I prefer to smile and always be nice. I have more important things to mind. Besides, if and only if (and let me repeat only IF) it is true, then good for them. I have not heard anything from the other end (always takes two to tango, remember?), plus you will think about it if someone seriously dares you to a bet of P5000, payable in Christmas, if it is not proven true. Well, life is short to be negative about other people’s happiness. Although sometimes, making people feel miserable especially if they did something to piss you off is a great way to spice up that short life.

There you go. Till next week 🙂

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