bad me bad day

i completely lost it. the timing wasn’t just right. this is the blah side of customer service. see, i am already used to foreigners not wanting to speak to me even though you assured them that you can help them with the info they need to get. in most cases, i shrug, say okay, then pass the call to a foreigner boss even though you’re gonna say the same thing anyway. well, this morning i just lost it. especially after finding out that he lied as to the reason of his call. i guess i lost my cool earlier than he did. he was in the midst of repeating he didn’t mean to disrespect me (and his favorite word seems to be “realistically”), when i put him on hold, though truthfully, to find someone higher than me but below our unit head (because he’s in a meeting, realistically), to attend to his concern. what he needs is the set of procedures i am most willing to give to him. i even extended my offer to have his client call me personally so i can walk her through the process. then he said no, and the most annoying thing is, realisitically, he believes that i am not the right person to be giving him the procedures. wtf. and i knew i lost it when i told him that i’m going to look for an american boss who will give him the same information i’m gonna give him anyway! the moment he asked for what alternate number to call in case the line gets cut off, i knew he’s gonna hang up on me. which he did, although since i put him on hold, it could also mean that the line was, realistically, cut off.

career psychologists would tell me that i should have put myself in his shoes more effectively. yeah i know. but it’s something that you know but your emotions knew better and you just have to burst. i hope he receives my email with the information that he needs. since he already spent a considerable amount of time getting his way to the front office but wasn’t accomodated (as his concern, i’m telling you, is something that even a gradeschooler can immediately get from the website), i’m pretty sure i’ll be hearing from them about him complaining about me. well. realistically, what he needs is assurance that what he wants is what’s gonna happen. i’m sure if i let that call through, my boss would tell me that i’m being paid to do my job, so he wouldn’t have to do something as mundane as that. some people just can’t comprehend that.

grrr this is a bad day.

Categories: Employee Judie

3 replies

  1. hahaha, correct! i sometimes can’t keep my cool sa phone pa lang, ano pa kaya pag kaharap ko, baka dumami enemies ko! 🙂 thanks for the comment!

  2. It’s hard to deal with clients like that. Good for you bec. you don’t get to see them face-to-face. Mas nakaka-bad trip kaya yung ganon.


  1. i can really sing lalala « becoming judie

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