the good life

Taking things one step at a time is the key to a good life. That’s gonna be my mantra starting today. No, starting tomorrow pala :).

I had a restful weekend, thank God. I watched the last half of Supernatural because I fell asleep on Thursday. I so heart Jensen Ackles. Ilang beses ako nagbuntong-hininga. Cuuuteness. I also watched Thumbsucker. It’s not great but it’s heartwarming. More on that when I’m in the mood to write a movie review :D. Then how can my weekend be complete without a disc or two of Friends? Hindi lang ito addiction, way of life na ito. I don’t know if this will wane in time, but as of now, my watching a Friends episode is almost equivalent to drinking water. Hurrah for obsession! 🙂

I read a considerable number of pages for my upcoming exam on Friday, and researched a bit on my seminar paper. Undecided pa rin ako kung competition policy as a whole, o about the Price Act na lang. Wag nyo muna ako tanungin what are the factors present which could help me decide to proceed with what. One step at a time nga eh.

Then I’m into constant communication, even on a weekend, with contacts in government offices for my dad and step-mom’s I-card thingie, and my friends’ upcoming civil wedding. With the latter, at least I’ve learned the nitty-gritties of having a civil marriage. Pero baka naman nasa guhit ng palad ko na dito na lang sa American Citizen Services ng US Embassy magpakasal. Oooops, beep beep! This is still a free country!   

Anyway, it was in the news that the Left Behind series was made into a video game. I remember how I was so into that series, but I lost interest on the 6th book, I think. I gave two installments of the series to Gracie, and one to a character ex-officemate Eman. Somehow, nabagalan ako sa progression ng character ni Nicolae Carpathia (the anti-Christ). I felt that there was a deliberate effort so readers would not root for him in the long run. If you’re really a skeptic and would not take the premise alongside our own Biblical interpretations, then you would be prone to cheer for the antagonist. Wala na akong balita how long it has gone to. Plus with the overwhelmingly annoying influx of Da Vinci codex, holy grail secrets, and the like, it’s understandable that interest on the series would have shifted, too.   

Last Friday, it seemed meron na namang nalibang at nakalimutang may nakasalang sa ibabaw ng kalan sa cafeteria kaya nagwala na naman yung mga fire alarms sa office. And of course, if you’ve followed my few fire alarm-related posts. more often than not, nakikita ko si SG. Because of the turn of events, i.e., hindi na pwedeng sumingit dahil sila na ni blank, of course, hindi na ako ganun ka-alert mag-SG hunt during evacuation. Eh mukhang favorite spot din ng unit nila ang grassy area sa likod kaya, uy, next thing I knew, ayun kausap na sya ni R. Yaay. To think ang attention ko pa naman nun, nandun kay F, na pag lumapit eh ite-tease namin kay H. Anyway, disoriented na ako until we were instructed to go back to our respective offices. Basta iba yung disorientation na yun, alam nyo yun, kunyari pa kayo.

Oh well, a mild evacuation is synonymous to camwhoring. See, hindi lang ako ang ganyan. Marami na silang afflicted ng disease ng camwhoring, ako mga medyo narehabilitate na. Anyway, among the many ones taken, below is one, from Anthony’s camphone:

(L-R) There’s Julia, Vanessa, Marie (yung preggy), Steffi, Allen, Alicia, ako, Anne, Ella, TJ, Loubelle, John, Shane Batong, and Brenda; sitting down are Theo (in black) and Aldrin (in red). Yung nasa likod ni Shane Batong…yung maliit na nakuhanan (hmm, pun not intended)…yun ang pinakamagandang anggulo sa picture na yan. Yun na. 🙂

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