…and this too shall pass, kaya showbiz na lang tayo

I let all my annoyance out before I stepped out of the office. Take the high road, I’m telling myself over and over. Plus I’m telling H that it’s important to keep the positive aura, always.

I can’t completely promise but for the most part, I will be as casual as I can be— meaning I will never change. To be annoyed and affected would mean I am dignifying such form of cheapness. Grabe, lalaki lang yon. Hindi na ito highschool. It’s just sad to discover that many women still act that way kapag umiibig uli.

On my way home, I remembered again my team’s plan to raid Rustan’s for some beauty indulgences. Sige lang, mag-splurge in material things that will make us happy. Minsan lang yan. Besides, kumusta naman yung super wala kaming plan na natutupad. Ang dami na kaya naming movie na napanood. Ang dami na rin namin napuntahan. Puro blueprint, hustong pinaplano lang.

~ * ~ * ~

In the meantime, I’m going to drop by my once-favorite forum, Friends Café. It is, hands down, the BESTEST BEST Friends fan site I’ve been to.

Will do some youtube-ing, will maybe look for more Matthew Perry. I am excited for him, with the premiere of Studio 60 on the 18th. Super lucky are those who would get to see it. I wish I’m in the U.S. sigh, sigh, dighay, dighay…yuck. He’s gonna be on The Tonight Show on the 1th there…so by Thursday night here, hopefully they’ll show it na. Regardless of my nose-bleeding exam on Friday, I’m going to catch him talaga. *hearts falling* (take note, kakatapos din lang ng Supernatural by the time it starts, weeha). I forgot when he’s gonna be on Conan and Today (as if naman nakakapanood ako ng Today, heehee), I guess, I’ll wait for the upload na lang on the bestest best forum (see above) :).

I look at those think tank members who feel so fulfilled devoting their time contributing to academic and real life discourses. I admittedly get envious pero when you’re on your own, and by that, I mean that mode when you’re most secure with yourself, nafifeel ko mas fulfilled ako makaalam ng mga latest balita about my favorite celebrities. Yung kilig at tawang nakukuha mo kahit paulit-ulit ka manood nung DVDs, parang hindi kayang tapatan ng kahit anong pretentious post. 🙂

Lastly, medyo chaka smirk lang si Matty, pero di ba bagay sila… imagine the very witty and amusing banters of Chandler M. Bing and Lorelai Gilmore! (of course, even outside those characters, they’re as funny, even funnier):



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2 replies

  1. hey, gracie! eto, happily struggling 🙂 hope to catch you soon, along with other OrCom pips.

  2. hi judie!!!!
    thanks for reading my entry…tagal na ako di naka-blog hehe
    Mark and Chloe Maike are doing good. Kakatapos lang ni Chloe sa typhoid vaccine (andami pa lang immunizations ang kelangan ng mga babies/batas! ARGH!) while Mark is still with Mega.
    Ikaw, musta na?

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