this is going to be a long week

monday morning. one staff is out because her daughter is still ill. poor kid. we’re three heads doing the tasks of 5. we see an approved OT work in the horizon. but a bummer for me because this is also a hell week in school.

but as i said, i’ll take it one step at a time, and not only will i be composed and clear, but i might actually finish all the jobs with flying colors. panic and procrastination, in principle, actually get us nowhere.

in addition, i’m getting kilig again with SG. as long as i know my boundaries and i stand my ground, i’ll just tolerate this feeling rather than suppress it. it’s not as if i’m going to compete head-on with someone. if they’re happy as claimed, then good for them. on the other hand, if it’s not true that there’s something going on, as what many people suggest, still the woman has nothing to worry about. well, i’ll just wait till a fire alarm sets off again. weeha.

it’s going to be looooong week, really.

Categories: Employee Judie

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