I am prepared for the stress that this week will bring, but not with the recent incident involving a friend, or so I think she is.

In a nutshell, an encounter in the ladies’ room had me asking, finally, how S and N are doing. It was a very breezy segue that deserved an equally breezy answer rather than the change-in-tone, almost defensive, response I got. Had she told me breezily, “Oh, we’re going strong” then it confirmed, without having her to mouth it directly, what I’ve been wanting to hear for weeks now. Confirmation lang naman from the horse’s mouth, bakit parang ang dating eh, “Whoah!”

Ask him! Basta masaya kami. Yun lang. (sabay talikod…or yeah, she’s busy and was leaving the restroom anyway).

Eh yun naman pala eh, bakit parang antagonist ang dating? I cannot see, for the life of me, kung bakit ganun ang way ng pagkakasagot na nakuha ko. In truth, I’ve imagined a couple of scenarios where I would ask her about her and S. Sa ilang scenarios na yun, never kong inanticipate na sasagutin ako ng ganung tono. To think we’re friends. Or so I thought siguro. Sabi ko nga, kung ibang tao ba magtatanong nun, ganun kaya ang tono nya? I’ve seen her gush over her ex-boyfriend, and it’s so not her to be like that, kapag nagcoconfirm about her lovelife.

I don’t want to think na ganon sya kasi alam nya may gusto ako dun sa boyfriend daw nya. Hindi naman sya siguro ganun ka-cheap, tsaka sa age nya, she knows better than that. I suppose!

I just have to let this out of my system because the words kept echoing in my ears. Nasa banyo pa naman. Regardless whether what she said holds water or not, mas hindi ko nagustuhan yung tono ha. I’ve said in previous posts that if and only if sila na, then fine. Kaya nga lang wala naman akong nakikitang confirmation at basically lahat ng nasa paligid ko na nasa paligid din nya eh humahagalpak lang ng tawa pag tinatanong ko kung totoo ba. So wala akong basis para wag na mag-react dahil may nasasaktan na pala. Kung yung mga intrigero nga sa US, hindi tumigil na kaka-weave ng kung anu-ano about Suri Cruise, until ayan na, ipakita na nga ng Vanity Fair, ako pa. Ano bang malay ko na what they have pala is something very private na baka kahit sila hindi na rin pala alam.

Basta if you’re secure with where you are and what you have, being nice will come out naturally. Besides, that happy disposition says a lot about the current state of your personal life, at least for those who have one. If you do otherwise, then it raises doubt as to the truth of what’s happening.

Yun lang. And as what a friend advised, parang gusto ko sundin ko yung sabi nya. I’m going to ask him. At least I’ll hear it from both sides na.

Ano ba naman, sa tuwing ako magkakagusto bakit laging may ganito Naiisip ko tuloy yung sabi ni Ms. C na I deserve someone better than that little guy na pinag-aaksayahan ko ng panahon. Sabi ko nga below, I’m going to take the high road in dealing with this. Ang maasar na lang, talo.

Categories: Random Judie

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