…and more school rants

i can’t decide if i would hold a no-margarita-yet position because my thursday prof announced that he would like meet on the 21st and the 28th, then have our final exam on oct 5th. what a liar bummer. he told us before that he wants to get rid of the class early, and he knows that the feeling is mutual. i would have said no then, but since he wanted it, we all began mapping out our schedules for our other class(es) since we’ll be free of one course early. pssh. then later tonight i’ll have our first and only exam in the polsci class. i haven’t studied half of what has been prescribed, and i am relying on stock knowledge alone. i can’t say i’m totally doomed, maybe after i hand over my paper tonight. our friday prof has a reputation for being one of the nicest ever, but her exams can induce death.

despite my last-minute efforts on class requirements, i was amazed with how, well, high, my preliminary grades were, in both classes. no fishing for compliments here, but i feel i don’t deserve them. or maybe, their standards aren’t really that high, especially if they really kick students out if their average fall behind 2.0. it’s bad enough that students are dropping from many classes one by one towards the middle of the semester; it’s worse to lose more of them by giving them low grades. what do you think?

anyway, i’m so sick today. throat hurts, eyes puffy, nose runny. i deliberately slept early last night (didn’t watch Supernatural, i was that tired and sleepy), and was half-awake when matty appeared in leno. i’m starting to really love him, by the way.

so based on my post below, my 2nd caffeine fix obviously didn’t work for me. guess i’m off to the office library in about 4 hours to catch up on my thick notes, so i can not be *totally*, but only semi-doomed.

this is trivial and unrelated but since i saw her, i’ve wanted to have my own (here i go again). i know she’s been both adored and ogled but she’s one of the cutest i’ve seen in recent years:

i am so impatient for my copy to arrive. my niece lai’s gift subscription will expire in december and i’ve made a mental note to renew it myself by october. we don’t know what other exclusives will grace the cover of VF. sobra bang showbiz? 😀

she kinda looks like katharine mcphee here :). imho, she’s cuter than shiloh. and no, i’m not saying that because i’m on team aniston. suri is a real cutie.

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