past is past

I was down and out the whole weekend. It sucks to be sick. It sucks to be sick especially when you are in Manila. šŸ˜¦ After the exam last Friday, my classmate Anna invited us for dinner in Katips. It was fun, a whole lotta fun. It was almost four hours of semi-picture taking, prospects of investment analysis in a province up North, language competence of Filipinos, when and why we should get married, raising children, outstanding muscular composition of a Filipino penis (and other related anecdotes of interest that generated the loudest laughter during the entire night), and more importantly, whether or not we will see the change in this country in the present generation.

While walking from the Faculty Center to the jeepney station to Katipunan, they were still talking about the exam. It was something I didn’t wanna discuss simply becauseā€¦past is past. Hahahaha. There were only three questions and it should have spanned everything we discussed in three months (3 meetings of which I was absent). Let me ask you, how would you explain the policy formulation process during the post-EDSA 1 scenario and the Marcos regime? How would you analyze the politics in the policy processes through the forces that influenced final legislative outcomes (you have to identify the forces first)? What are theoretical-conceptual frameworks that can help analyze political dynamics in the policy processes?

See, past is past. It sparks an interesting discussion among intellectuals but not on a Friday night.

Six chapters on globalization and one seminar paper to go and I’m officially out of this semester!!!! I am counting, desperately. I so wanna have a life again.

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