pardon my french

SMART BRO has been f*cked up since saturday. An incessant “base station technical repair” was the perpetual excuse. What makes it more annoying is when you see your wi-fi bill waiting to be paid until the 20th of the month, for a f*cked up service of 100 Mbps.

While reading my globalization reader last night, the most outrageous line I heard was:

“Look Wacky, if this is too fast for you, puwes sa akin, hindi. Pakiramdam ko, mahal na kita talaga, inahit ko pa nga ang kili-kili ko para sa’yo!” (“Look Wacky, if this is too fast for you, well, for me, it’s not. I feel that I really love you, I even shaved my armpits for you!”)

Hay, dramedies. I have nothing against the stars of Crazy For You but if you have a mother who never gets tired of watching Lovers in Paris on DVD, you will definitely see a very distasteful imitation.

I miss my sense of smell. and I’m getting tired of an emphasized D in most of my words. Gusdo ko nang gumaling yung sakid ko.

Categories: Random Judie

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