broke but happy

I am sinking deeper in my financial shit (pardon the term), but it made me happy. I feel so bad about it sometimes but hell, I work to buy the things I want. I guess I am not that financially troubled yet because my take home pay is still very decent. Now, I’m starting to get scared once I get my credit card. With an impulse like this, I could be battling one of the greatest temptations ever to hit my existence.

In the midst of looming news that we’re not going to have a pay increase (for the 2nd straight year!), and my unexplained financial crisis (though they say it only follows that the higher your salary is, the greater your expenses are— not that I earn a lot. I don’t.), I still want to spoil myself with things that I can live without. Maybe it’s the natural greed in every person. Hell, no, it’s not even greed. *thinks* It may be time to buy that one, and as for the other one…well, let’s just say with the rate I’m living, it wouldn’t hurt to have it. I’m even a latebloomer of an owner of that thing.

All along, I thought that books, any Tigger item, anything related to Friends, or any pink or orange trinkets would make me very satisfied. I’m wrong. I think it goes with age.

So maybe I’ll just make adjustments with my expenses this Christmas. I love giving presents but I think I’ll make it up through personal messages. Hey, it’s the thought that counts. In the meantime, this is not final as I type this, but I can practice saying hello to electronic gadgets whose colors are pumpkin orange and metallic pink. I considered a MacBook Pro for a while but I don’t want to starve myself too much.

Categories: Citizen Judie

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