must have

For some reason, I’ve always wanted to have and wear this:


Not only because it was Jennifer Aniston who’s wearing it. I’ve fallen in love with that top since I saw it. Problem is, I can’t find anything like it anywhere; can’t find who dressed up Jen that day either. In addition, I don’t know if it only looks good on me in my mind. I don’t think I have enough neck to carry that outfit, hahaha!!! Nevertheless, I would like to have that, the exact style. Color? Could be compromised. A simple pair of jeans and pointed pumps will complete the getup. Goodluck na lang to me since I am in a tropical country. 🙂 

Wow, what’s with me? 🙂

*The screen caps were from the Friends Café gallery, taken from the Friends episode “The One Where Estelle Dies”.

Categories: Random Judie

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