To cap a very busy week, to mark the return of my boss, and of course to enjoy her advance treat for her birthday (super thanks, Ms. C!), the team (minus Friday’s birthday celebrant E) trooped to Cyma, the fastest-rising favorite restaurant when you want to go Greek. It’s on the 6th floor of Shangri-la Mall, beside other good restaurants worth trying (SumoSam of Marvin Agustin, Tender Bob’s, The Red Room, among others).

Snagged this image from the great Anton

My lunatic digicam was selfish yesterday so I wasn’t able to take much pics. I got a few in the office, the casual whoring-when-the-boss-is-not-yet-around, then the batteries despite being fully-charged that morning, decided to shut off and call it a day. Aside from dinner, the sight of the full moon while traipsing the horrendous traffic in EDSA was a very promising time to take night pics. Sayang talaga.

Anyway, the 3-plus hours of dinner was fun.:)  We had the classic hummous as a starter. I haven’t had it before ever, as well as other Greek foodies on the menu (or I could have, I just don’t keep track of the things I put in my mouth, hahaha), and I can say the hummous was great, although Kats said that she prefers the one in Cafe Med. Upon Ms. C’s recommendation, we had Horiatiki salad, which got me munching tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes. The best feature of the salad was the feta cheese! We also tried the Japanese Eggplant Moussaka, which tasted like a very rich and tangy lasagna, the kind that I used to devour from the little stalls along Valero Street. (Yes, I did eat eggplant, too. A lot of first times happened during this dinner.) The chicken and pork kabobs were yummy, though my nod would go more for the chicken. The spinach rice was fine but it’s already too tomatoey tasty for me after the horiatiki. For dessert, we settled for baklava. It was fine although I was more used to the “drier” version that we used to share with Tita Loren before. 🙂

More than the food and the occasional “oo-pah” (or was it “oompah”?) that really startled, plus the seemingly energy-less jazz singer down at the first floor, the highlight of the night was our discussions that ranged from “office updates” (harmless, don’t you worry), random artista stuff, child-rearing to parenting a special child. It was more enlightening for me than it probably was for the other 3 wonderful women I was with.

We missed E who had to stay at home because no one will look after the kiddies (or that she decided to throw herself a little treat with her family, or she just doesn’t want to miss the finale of Bituing Walang Ningning— sorry E, we just can’t help but “theorize”). There’s always a next time! We’ll indulge in steaks and other sinful food next month. Won’t hurt to do it once in while.

P.S. Took the Cyma pic from Anton’s blog.

P.P.S. I miss my internet connection. How can you ask for a repair guy when no one’s picking up in what they call a hotline? Like, for a hotline, it wasn’t very hot. Now I have to be here in an internet station, which incidentally, is only a few steps away from the Smart base station that services my internet connection. Define ironically unfair, please.

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  1. YW, Anton! I am a regular visitor of your blog. Thanks for sharing your ‘adventures’, too! 🙂

  2. I love cyma! definitely. Sounds like you had a fun 3 hours dinner 🙂 thanks for the acknowledgement 🙂

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