This is a long and physically restful weekend but my thoughts are running wild. These thoughts of what to do, when and where to do it, especially how to do it, are all running back and forth.


I still can’t contact the Smart Bro hotline. How do other subscribers manage to get through? Do I have to do away with the negative vibes as soon as I dial 672-7277, press 1 then press 4?


I wasted two-and-a-half weeks of research time for my final paper in my PolSci class— that’s the sole requirement that I have and this sem’s over, and I can’t begin it yet. I changed topics 4 times and the one I’m currently working on (R.A. 4200, The Anti-Wiretapping Law) is still a hazy concept. Well, I’ve been doing this since college (graceful cramming), I’m sure I’ll be able to pull it through.

In a related matter,Ā I am very much contemplating if I want to kill myself little by little next sem by taking 12 units of course work. That’s 4 subjects and 3 units short of a full-time load. I got very excited when I saw 2 Saturday classes being offered for next sem. Let’s see. If I see enough reason not to have a life in time for the Christmas season, my birthday month, and the start of the summer, then I may go for it. Pain can be fun! šŸ˜‰


I got a confidential matter (as of now) which involved a memo served just before the end of business on Friday, and has until 48 hours for our friend to respond to, otherwise, it may mean termination. Wow. I had a short teleconference with our other friends and our future lawyer explained how it cannot be legally possible. I just didn’t share but I kinda know how these things work in our own office, too. Anyway, let’s see. It’s gonna unfold in the next few days. You’ll even see it in the papers, if the devils will permit. šŸ˜‰


Our office is not open for business tomorrow! I hope I can accomplish my 10-point plan then— which roughly include getting a university ID (which should embarrass the human in me, the sem’s about to end), interviewing another resource person for my paper, registering officially as a voter in Manila, watching Friends and Supernatural, and having my nails done. I want to feel I’ve grown up. Winks ahead!


— Happy birthday to Chelli! —

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3 replies

  1. judie im with the wordpress now. I cant use multiply and my blogspot when im on duty.
    we’ll keep each other posted šŸ™‚

  2. ^^ Yeah, too bad I was cut off naman. anyway, good for her, she may be counting the days of her last days at work…then war can begin. šŸ˜‰

    Hmmm, yeah, R is with the SET now. Feel free to make chika when you bump into him. Bait yun.

  3. hello ate judie! sayang kasi nagloko yung phone ni von and she wasn’t able to call you back.. “she” sounded happy kanina. amidst all the problems that she has, she’s still capable of hiding her feelings..

    btw, did i mention that i saw ryan a couple of weeks ago? mukha pala syang okay sa personal. hehehe! buti na lang nakilala ko sya, natandaan ko yung pic nyo sa friendster. šŸ™‚

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