screw it

I hope I can accomplish my 10-point plan then— which roughly include getting a university ID (which should embarrass the human in me, the sem’s about to end), interviewing another resource person for my paper, registering officially as a voter in Manila, watching Friends and Supernatural, and having my nails done.

Okay, the plans were screwed. I don’t blame it on the rain that decided to graciously fall a little after lunch. I don’t blame my Vanity Fair back issues. It was more fulfilling to lie down and flip through pages of a pretentious magazine than be responsible. 🙂 Surprisingly, I don’t feel any guilt now. I guess I was built, programmed this way, work ethic be damned…that the best that I can do is make peace with it.

From yesterday afternoon’s lazyfest, I discovered that:

  • My attention span is still very short. Think of how many times my right thumb had some activity because I just can’t bear to be stuck in one channel.
  • I can finish a Vanity Fair, from cover to cover, in an hour and 5 minutes (conscious reading of the articles and drooling on expensive bags on colored ads included).
  • We have Channel 99, showcasing different spots in Asia. I think it was called Living Asia. I only went as far as Channel 77 until yesterday.
  • I suspect that my Mom understands Korean. I stopped for a while on Channel 75, the Arirang Channel, and while the hosts of this Eat Bulaga-type of show were muttering nonsense, my Mom laughed. I swear, the words weren’t accompanied by wacky facial expressions nor other physical antics. She said they were making fun of the guy contestant’s shirt color. *????*
  • I have very very very fat thighs and only very fat calves.
  • When you’re eating potato chips and a small piece ends directly inside your nose, then you pushed it hard with nasal air, it can trigger sinusitis.
  • I still ♥ Vladimir Putin. (And just today, I finally figured out how to make ♥)
  • Kim Jong Il looks like Darius Razon.
  • I may have bladder problems.

Then today, I discovered how much time I only have to complete my final paper, how much I wanted to stay inside our office library for days, and how BPI makes me wanna ask, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?” I hope to post the pic of this irony as soon as I transferred it from my phone. Which reminds me that I was ill-advised to call the Smart hotline around midnight because the troubleshooting shiznit of the tech guys really does take a while that’s why all “agents” are almost never free from the line. You know you got a lot of repair stuff to do because of an extraordinary event that involved howling winds, you should have added more, albeit temporary, people in your workforce you overcharging but underservicing ISP!

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