i’m flattered but…

Before Milenyo hit, I received a notification that my credit card application was approved. The delivery of the card took a while because of the typhoon, and I only received it two days ago. Well, I was expecting an “it”, so imagine my surprise when the delivery guy handed me four credit cards!

Okay, so there’s some kind of a mix-up here, I initially thought. As the title goes, I’m flattered but no thanks! One credit card to validate that my current status is deserving to own a credit card is more than enough.

It turns out, sending you 4 different credit cards was deliberate and a marketing ploy of sorts to get you to swipe and swipe to your heart’s content. The phonebanker said that since all first-year fees are waived, I can feel free to use them and by the start of the 2nd year, I can just choose which card/s I plan to keep.

Sounds tempting, especially if they all have respectable credit limits (they all do!). But no, I think this is the very first test of my resistance to credit card temptation.

So I will keep 2 of the 4, and I believe that it’s for “reasonable reasons”. I don’t need a regular classic red card when I will already have 2. I don’t need a mini-card because the two that I will keep fit exactly the way I want them in my card-less wallet.

 I actually applied for this one, despite the higher annual fee than other cards. I don’t know if it has a catch less tolerable than what I am expecting, but 1 mile per P45 charged to the card isn’t bad, to think that I need all mile-collecting activities possible, with the exclusion of actually travelling. Weird no?

So now I have my BPI-Worldperks card and I will keep the BPI Edge, too. I don’t know if it can be separated from Mini-Edge, but I don’t see any reason why they should be together as they are both independent-functioning cards, although one’s only smaller (and it came with a card holder so I can be cool and hip in carrying it, but again, no thanks.)

At 24 years and 9 months, I finally have my own credit card. And now my journey to hell begins.

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  1. Happy swiping! Just be responsible. Now you can buy more books! Happy for you, sis

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