My uncle went up our rooftop this morning and fixed the alignment of my wi-fi antenna. He said that it’s a bit crooked and he can’t dare mess with it anymore because it might break. Well, I tried surfing now and voila! I’m semi-back!

The connection’s like a rusty hospital monitor, threatening once in a while to do a flat line. Much of this can be attributed to my own computer’s performance though. It’s infested in the first place and has very cramped memory. I’m telling you I’ve been considering getting a new one but unexplained forces are keeping me. It’s not that I want a MacBook Pro. Well, I do. Gosh, if I can only bump into a bigtime burglar who hid a stash of cash in a mall restroom cubicle which I will get to first, then I will act as if I don’t know anything (oh believe you me, I’ve played that scene in my head over and over, hahaha!!!)…by then I could buy a MacBook without hurting my pocket too much. 🙂 Delusional!

Anyway, better to have this than no connection at all. Not only the connection, I’m taking advantage of the fact that my computer has not shut down, as it usually does when i’m in the middle of something. In addition, I can never boot it now without the veeeeeeery slow “disk check” that it asks to perform because “Windows detected an error.” I guess it’s pretty much obvious by now that my computer is totally f**ked up, isn’t it? Do I dare sacrifice my year-end bonus for this? 🙂

Till later!

Categories: Random Judie

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  1. Wow macbook pro. Im still pc, hehe.

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