1. What to do with my little savings. With all the financial hardships of people on the planet, this I mind. Well, it’s because this rather small amount of money is what was left of almost 6 months of effort to keep a few bills every payday and luckily with three OT pays in between. Anyway, I saved up to buy a new phone, something I badly need, although I want to have a simpler phone now that can basically call and text people. That’s my plan until I saw this a month ago, in pumpkin orange:

Motorola Razr V2X. I want(ed?) the pumpkin orange one.

I was not lured by the hot pink/baby pink Razr fones that suddenly sprouted in every yuppie female’s hands in recent months. However, I sorta fell in love with this one, a Motorola Razr V3X, plus the fact that the one I saw on display was orange. Had I possessed a credit card then, I would have bought it, as the orange fones are of limited stock. Sadly, I promised to return & think about it until the promotions ended and I can’t find an orange-colored V3X now. Aside from the color, it’s acceptable to my taste, standard-wise, it has a 2-megapixel camera, can play MP3s, and has bluetooth connection. So in the overall, it’s a Judie-must-have. My dilemma now is to go ahead and buy it, never mind if it’s not in pumpkin orange, or go for a simpler fone, like this:

At 5,000++php, I can’t afford to buy this fone, a Nokia 6020, before. Poor me, di ba? Anyway, I am thinking hard whether to buy this one instead, and use the remaining amount (and maybe add a little more), to get this one, too:

Since the camwhore in me has not completely died, I would love to have this one to capture upcoming events, as my 2-year old 3.2 megapixel camera is not up to par anymore. This Canon Powershot (SD 550) is a 7-megapixel camera…I’m smiling now thinking of how clearer my pics would be. I was disheartened since my old digicam gradually failed to bring decent pics.

To sum up this choice that I have to make, it’s a toss between getting a gadget that has 3 of my mostly-used features, or get them in 3 separate items. See, I just need a phone. The quality of the pics will be better in a 7-mp camera. I have an iPod and there’s still that trusty MP3 from my brother-in-law.  However, imagine the comfort if you bring all of those in just one gadget. I don’t know, I can’t decide right now.

2. To gown or not to gown. 🙂 Our department’s Christmas party’s planning stage is going full blast, and I’m somehow thankful to be part of it. I was surprised to be included in the mailing list of the brown bag meeting attendees when I remember only signing up to be a “performer” (ahem, feeling artista!), but not a committee member. Well, as a diligent soldier, I showed up and I ended up excited with the initial plans that were finalized. Our theme, though not officially announced but word has already gone out, will be inspired by the Oscar’s. It entails dressing up, and of course, ica-career ko talaga yun. My own team has had initial hesitations because of the cost, and I thought about it, too. Kaya lang, what the heck, good thing I’m still single so it’s easier for me to flex my pocket to plunge into something like this. I hope they will drop their iffyness and attend; it wouldn’t be complete without them. Anyway, it also entailed a scramble for what appropriate gown to wear. Face it, we hardly do it in the office, and I don’t have any socials that makes me wear a gown. So it’s worth a shot to do it once in two years, maybe. my renewed friendship with our secretary had me planning what to wear. We browsed catalogs, and ang funny, we ended up keeping a Kris Aquino magazine issue where she showcased most of her gowns! Hahaha, goodluck to us! We have a shopping trip or two before settling for the dress. 🙂 It’s fun. I’ve actually not been frantic over an evening gown before. Imagine nyo naman kasi ako. Ako! Me! Evening gown! Nyaah!

3. To continue this post or not. *sheepishly* I got tired. My computer’s speed hasn’t gotten better. Oh, I also have to make a choice between buying a new desktop computer, or a laptop, or just have this retard one repaired. I am also battling whether to enroll in 3 classes next sem or just two. I am thinking if it’s better to stick it out here than return to livejournal…because I’m so into Verdana size 1.1em (this font is huge). I’m thinking of whether to happily count the days till S returns or just forget about it. I’m having a mental battle whether to stop surfing the net and proceed to type my final paper (yes, we’re still at it) or do it 48 hours before the deadline; it was extended so my lazy ass was disoriented again. I can’t seem to force myself to get it over with so i can cap my first semester. In the end, it’s a choice between letting go of procrastination or not (because it’s, uhm, fun to torture myself?).    

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