let me shout this one out loud

I’m still at it. One more paper to go and I can’t finish it. See, while at the Senate library last Wednesday, my journalist-classmate G sent a text that Dr. R said we’re not gonna meet that Friday; meaning the seminar paper will be submitted the next Tuesday. Wow. That’s 5 more days of extension.

Well, obviously, I’m down to my last 2 nights and Ihave not done anything; I’ve not even finished reading. The research angels in heaven grouped together and paid me a visit on Wednesday, as the idiotic me was browsing the Congressional and Senate records, old and powdery ones at that. A Senate librarian noticed my stupid look and at 20 minutes before their closing time, offered me a thick folder which contains EVERYTHING, as in all the congressional and senate deliberations, on my topic. What a lucky day. Yet I didn’t take advantage of it. Kick me. Hard.

So…here I am, probably less than halfway with my readings. After this, I have to outline the ideas in my head and translate it into 25 pages, which should include a background of my chosen policy, a stakeholder analysis, and of course, my own findings and recommendations. I already consumed, despite my mother’s objection, two grande lattes to keep me company. This is deja vu; I did it a couple of weeks back when my term paper deadline and my final exam were set in succession.  Do I exemplify a typical student? I think I do!

Anyway, too bad, I still have CSI Supreme Sunday for a distraction. But don’t worry, I’ll finish reading tonight. Well, no one should really worry but myself. My mother gave up on me when my study habits are concerned.

Congressional deliberations can be really boring yet exciting when it turns vicious. I finished reading the (1965) deliberation on the Anti-Wiretapping Law (second reading), and just when I thought that an exposé that a Colonel Lukban tapped majority of the congressmen’s phones is something to keep me reading, a Rep. Peralta blurted at the end of an interpellation:

…other intelligence agencies can just tap our telephones and justify it with a very blanket allegation that they are trying to ferret out information related to national security when in fact, the only crime that the congressmen may be committing is an occasional lovemaking outside the permissible legal limits.

Ayos. 🙂

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