did you feel it too?

I was so engrossed with catching up on my mails and updating my book page when the earthquakes struck at around 10:30 p.m. and just a few minutes ago (it’s now 1:40 a.m.).

I used to be very frightened of earthquakes because of the location of our apartment when the 1990 killer quake hit Central Luzon. We were living in San Rafael, Bulacan then so you can just imagine how scary it was for an 8-year old.

As I grew older (and hopefully wiser), I learned to be calm (actually it was just around college when I got to do it well) when some shaking starts. I am a very sound sleeper but I really jolt from my bed at the slightest tremor.

My current Friday sleeping pattern (read: retire around 3 or 4 a.m., which is already Saturday) got me used to some kind of random shaky feeling that more often than not is just the very tired and sleepy-but-can’t-get-enough-of-youtube me. I realize it when I look away from the computer screen and look at my bookshelves— then the slow shaking stops. But in rare cases, like tonight, the wobbly movement and some rattling of the glass shelves were caused by two quakes. 🙂

I am still technically living near the Manila Bay and while Phivolcs is not confirming anything alarming after the first hit, let’s still say a little prayer for all of us because at the rate that this nation is going, we probably can’t afford to be like Pakistan now. See, I thought of that because our neighbors’ dogs are howling, as I type, as if they’re very restless. Hmm. Let’s hope not.

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