i can really sing lalala

I can now sing lalala and other doobedoos with no guilt at all. No more school stuff to mind at least in the next three weeks. This is the first Saturday since June that I actually stopped and thought of what else to do as early as 3 p.m.

It was a very restful 5 hours with Travis popping in Season 9 of Friends, the season finale of Joey and the first 3 episodes of Lost. I wasn’t really smitten by Lost and believe me, I tried. Most of my blog friends are Lost addicts. Anyway, it was interesting but not enough to hold my attention. I guess it’s the same with those people I encountered who cannot understand why Friends is such a funny show. To each his own. 😉 Cheers to diversity.

I’m excited that my reading itch has returned. Good timing. I will be forced to put it off, reading fiction that is, when the sem starts in November. My mother just heaved a very deep sigh when she saw me arranging my 12 new “acquisitions”. She got tired of mocking me, “Pag wala ka nang pera pambili ng pagkain, ilalaga ko na lang yang mga libro mo.” Come on now. 🙂

I’m off to have my youtube fix for the day and I’m gonna read till I doze off. What a wonderful life, isn’t it? Anyway, speaking of youtube, this video of cavorting Jollibee mascots had me shaking my head. And really, a giant bee can do that? Hahaha!!! (Note: I tried embedding the video clip but I was unsuccessful. How do you do it in wordpress?)

In addition, a lot of you must have heard by now the unfortunate but funny conversation between a PLDT CSR, a Catherine Rosanna or whatever, and a disgruntled DSL subscriber, incidentally from San Andres. He could be anyone of my neighbors; I wonder if he is enjoying his kinda new found fame? 🙂 I am in the field customer service too and I must admit, those two found each other. For the CSR, girl, you are miles away from learning the basics of saving your ass. Sumobra ang defense mech, nahuli ka tuloy. And of course, the most important moral of this incident, always always hit the Mute button and make sure you did it properly. In my case, I’ve had moments of, “Did I put him on hold?” because, well, it’s okay to take a break and vent. I do it sometimes, but most of the time I address it head on, getting all rude in a few cases. In mild defense of the customer, Raul, I guess it’s my very poor anger management profile that made me understand his ire. I was basically like him, cursing excluded, when I was following up when the hell will the *sarcastically* efficient Smart wi-fi contractors attend to my connection. I don’t know, unless very much provoked, I might really curse back and maybe say something very politically incorrect (oh I know it’s bad, don’t ever do that), but I try to limit that attitude in recent months. No, days.

In the meantime, let’s all aim to be happy. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Let’s learn to smile and take time to smell the flowers.

P.S. I’m watching the news as I type this and hey, I try hard not to judge but I now kinda want to. See, you’re in your junior year in highschool. You’re roughly around 15 or 16. You sneak past mignight to go to a drinking session in some dorm and you get angry when some guy raped you. Rape is unforgivable for me, and this, despite our very faulty Anti-Rape Law— those who are stoned, who rape people and kill them, they actually ought to be poked—real hard—in the ears with chopsticks (no kidding). Oh well, it invites a looooong discussion but in that news clip I saw, I felt bad more for the mother of the “victim”, who toils hard to send her daughter to school. Tsk tsk tsk. It’s not as if she was snatched and brought in some obscure alley. Some may say I don’t understand because I wasn’t there. Ewan. Tsk tsk tsk.

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