undecided – the nuninuninoo type

It’s almost halfway our sembreak and I have not finished a single book in my TBR* pile. It’s too bad for me. It’s like an alcoholic not having his complete fix in a day, just occasional conservative sips.

I’m still into book-buying but less of the book-reading. I tried reading a few pages of Daniel Silva’s Prince of Fire, but it’s like my doze book because after three to four pages, I’m off to dreamland. I snagged James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces from Joy’s office bookshelf, which has been brought to good use with her new boss’ book donation project (bless him). Anyway, I returned the book after 150 pages. As of now, we all know what the story is about— I even read The Smoking Gun’s exposé before the book so I know I’m just reading a bio filled with lies (so it’s more like a fiction). At this stage of my resting phase, I didn’t feel comfy with reading about one’s struggle for rehabilitation. It was vividly told and you could feel how hard it was to fight the addiction and all, but I was just not in the mood to finish it. I snatched an Elmore Leonard book, City Primeval, hoping to get my bad guy in a bad city story fix and while it wasn’t super, it didn’t disapppoint either. It was a fast read; I started it when I sat down for coffee at 5 and with a few mini-naps in between (yeah, I was tired), I was down to the last 50 pages when I took off at 7. I don’t even care how the story would end. I hope I get to find a book somewhere in my shelves and boxes that I can sustain this interest with. I’m thinking of grabbing a non-fiction, or a young adult book, or maybe just a magazine (which reminds me, my Vanity Fair issue with the-only-man-I-would-want-to-have-sex-with-if-the-world-ends-tomorrow George Clooney on the cover has not arrived yet!).

It bums me out to have all this time yet not figure out what to do with it.  Why is it so? Do I really want that question answered? 🙂     

*To Be Read

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2 replies

  1. yeeeeeng!!!! yup i tried it a few months ago but my “library” is still under construction. i’m becomingjudie there.

    anyway, last i heard from jacs you’re all set to travel for a raket. hay, buti ka pa. hope to see you soon!!!

  2. Hey Juday, just thought you might be interested in this site– librarything.com

    Am not sure if you heard of it, but what it does is help you catalog your books online. Wala lang. Natutuwa ako sa kanya kasi may book covers and all that 🙂

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