It’s my usual Saturday. Catching up on Supernatural and of course, Friends. Kats need season 9 and 10 on Monday, I shouldn’t forget. I dunno what hit me but I watched Notting Hill again. I guess it’s an inner desire to meet my own William Thacker. Yes, as in a bookstore owner. Gah. And I only discovered it now, loser me, that the 12-year old who was with Anna Scott in Helix was Mischa Barton!!! Her voice was familiar but she looked really different there. I mean, what year was that movie made? 1999? And when did The O.C. start? She sure changed a lot.

Screw the diet plan. I have been craving for real food this week. Especially on weekends, you just can’t resist them, I swear. Aside from the three regular meals, I downed potato chips and chocolate bars today, too. So screw that diet, who cares if I’m 140 pounds? I don’t care anyway how much people weigh anyway (haha defense mech).

I am not in the mood to surf around, too. Just for my share of youtube videos. I’ve been watching a couple of The Megan Mullally Show episodes. She’s a not a super great host but she’s funny; not as funny as Ellen though. Anyway, it was good catching her interview with Felicity Huffman— my favorite Desperate Housewife. Of course, the greater catch was her interview with Lisa Kudrow. It was a delight seeing them because Phoebe Buffay and Karen Walker are two of my most favorite characters on TV!! Fan mode, fan mode. It was a funny interview. 🙂 Then Lisa’s “audition” video to host the 1999 MTV movie awards was hilarious, too. Too bad I wasn’t a Friends fan then.

I guess I’m off to read more magazines before I retire to bed. Speaking of magazines, or subscriptions, I’ve renewed the VF subscription and I don’t know if I’m gonna keep Time also. I also got an offer thru mail to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with that. But it’s tempting. 🙂

It’s such a boring life, isn’t it? But I’m satisfied with the amount of rest that I get. I don’t like going out anyway, unless I have money to waste. It’s better to plan your outgoing activities. Like Mom mentioned her interest to head to Cebu in time for the Asean summit. Not that we’ll have something to do there but she thinks it’ll be cool and she knows I can use it somehow for school (wow, that rhymed). I still don’t know how the event would figure out in my next classes but it’s a great prospect. She’s been raring to go somewhere anyway. 

So I hope the typhoon won’t fall hard tomorrow morning because Mom and I are headed to Divisoria. If it does fall on Monday, well, another day of rest wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 Let’s just all hope it wouldn’t be as destructive as Milenyo.

Before I end, the pretentious side of me is loving so much net-a-porter. Go visit! I initially drooled at all the pieces that I can’t buy (hah, for now! for now!) but you know, that’s probably what talented modistas are for. 🙂 

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2 replies

  1. ^ I haven’t! I’ve seen some great reviews though. Sige will try it one of these days!:) Tnx.

  2. hey, have you tried “how i met your mother?” barney rocks (-:

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