These days aren’t the best ones to go to Divisoria but when you attempt to do so, it’s worth it. I mean if you are not brand conscious and pretentious. It’s easy to stay away from the super obviously fake LV, Coach andFendi bags and luggages (and like any middle class would afford, much more decide on actually buying the real ones). If you opt for style (and it’s relative and subjective, anyway) and utter cheapness, you may give 168 Mall a try. I’m a168 Mall regular but I pity myself for discovering its extension wing only today!!! I’m raring to go back there with my team. 🙂

Anyway, there are no evening dresses to choose from in 168, only stylish accessories. I didn’t buy yet because I haven’t decided on what to wear for our party, which is still in about 5 weeks pa naman. I’m torn between a style (I’m too bad in describing, sorry) which I prefer to be in electric blue, and this one:

Vera Wang

Okay, I don’t know if I can pull off this one but I like it as of now. It’s a Vera Wang satin v-neck dress; for sure my mananahi can copy that almost perfectly. It’s pretty simple and they’ve said that you have to accentuate whatever asset you have, so there you go… 🙂 I’ll see how it would look like to a size 10 like me.

* * *

I’m so bad but I hope they will decide to close our office for business tomorrow.

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2 replies

  1. ^ They extended the mall na kasinhaba nung original, if not wider. We should go there sometime. It’s maddening in a happy kind of way, lol!

    I’m so inlove with that gown. Mukhang mas okay sya sa plus size girls, so I can really go for it 🙂

  2. What’s the 168 wing Judie? And that’s a pretty gown gurl 🙂

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