excited but undecided

I browsed my former classmates’ blogs and those who are pursuing graduate studies, it’s funny that their posts dwelt on the very same thing I did a few weeks ago: deadlines and procrastination. It’s funny in a good kind of way. It affirmed to me, all the more, that it’s normal for working students to forego paper-writing or exam-reviewing until the very last minute. What’s more amusing is the fact that it’s not as if we’re constrained by work; most related entries contain the familiar “it’s due tomorrow and i haven’t started anything”, “it’s due next week but i haven’t researched anything because i went shopping instead”, “the exam is tomorrow but i haven’t studied because i decided to have a marathon of House instead”.

Anyway, I guess old habits die hard. Or they do not really die completely.  Since I started studying again, there is this part of me that is permanently glued to the goal that I’m going to finish what I started, no matter how slow the pace would be. I still have 36 units to go. That’s 12 more subjects.

Next Tuesday, I’m going to enroll for the second semester of the academic year. There are subjects that are well-scheduled (5 p.m. onwards). I initially planned on taking mostly International Studies plus Political Science courses but today, I pondered on the feasibility (and ease?) of taking courses in the Asian Center, for a change. If it will be strongly advised by the coordinator, the only problem I would contend with would be the slots available.

I always get excited with courses to take until the requirements start to come in. Sometimes, I wish I don’t have to work so I can just concentrate on the subjects that I like, and travel anywhere I fancy to go (and learn a lot of things in the process). But it’s impossible to change this reality. Unless I marry a prince or something to that level, I won’t be able to afford giving up work just to do those. I guess there’s a reason for it. Maybe I would be dead-bored with being a prince’s wife-slash-student-slash-jetsetter, and they’re all just wonderful in my dreams. 🙂 

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