shallow halloween

Yesterday, one of our line officers decided to announce a costume contest for today. It was a last minute announcement and we parted last night without deciding what to wear or what to do at least. We settled for a black top and a come-what-may makeup. Turns out, many of our officemates dressed up regardless of the short notice. They’re so fun to watch, even if almost all of us have to do our regular routine.

With our team, we decided to paint our faces with some dark makeup. The results were funny but the most fun part of it was the preparation. I haven’t laughed hard in weeks. It’s hilarious to attempt to have your face made up, given that not all of us are using make up everyday. Anyway, it’s easier to “uglify” yourself, always, than prettify it 🙂

E looked like a really scary witch with her gray face paint— nung una mukha lang syang taong grasa, sabi ko magdala sya ng black na trash bag para complete na ang props. Sandy had difficulty deciding what she should become until E did something with her eyebrows at ayun, sya na si Bakekang-slash-Nanny McPhee. Kats decided to be a geisha, only in the face though. As for myself, I’m a simple ghost-nearing-the-boundary-of-a-ghoul na may identity crisis talaga.

I’ll share the pictures as soon as they’re ready. You should see the costumes of our colleagues! 🙂

Categories: Employee Judie

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