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Operation: “Stickering” (I just made it up, nyehe) for the 2007 Starbucks planner starts today!!! Yeah, I’m under the spell of the overhyped promo of my favorite-though-overpriced coffeehouse. It’s going to be my 3rd planner, if ever. Good thing I’m again close to our office secretary H so I’m pretty much assured of a looot of stickers as our officers cannot function without caffeine in the morning (actually, just our Miranda Priestly, hihihi).

Even though H told me she had 4 stickers already this morning, I still want to have my own sticker card. More importantly, since it’s this time of the year, my favorite peppermint mocha is baaaaaack!!! I know it’s not one of the more popular varieties but it’s the best for me, and okay, toffee nut, too. This year, they have gingerbread-flavored coffee and frappe in replacement of the creme brulee flavor last year. I can give it a try one of these days.

This time also signals the end of my diet plan. Nah, scrap all my diet plans. Prepare for caffeine and sugar overload until I get the planner(s)!

I was able to check the new planner and it’s cooler than the first two. For one, it already has its black cover with the strap, it’s own pen holder, basta it’s like the common planner! One of the baristas said that there won’t be anymore coupons with free (or buy one-take one) drinks. Well, it’s okay with me, I hardly use them anyway. I missed most of them, would you believe? Anyway, since the planner’s got the cover and all the works, it meant smaller writing/paper space; I’ve always treated their planners as a diary of sorts, too, so I appreciated the notebook-size type as it feels I’m just writing down my thoughts. Well, let’s see. We can’t have everything we want in one thing, but I can say, based on what I saw earlier, this is the best of the three that Starbucks offered. I liked the first one better than the current one, mainly because it has a sturdy spiral thingie that holds the pages together. The current one is sewn and since grade school, I didn’t have that much luck taking care of sewn notebooks, so you can guess how mutilated some of my planner’s pages are. Another thing, I liked the concept of postcards per month in the 2005 planner than the coffee anecdotes in this year’s. Sure, some of them are cute and I was able to relate (like, in the list of things that makes “me” happy, there’s “Watching the reruns of Friends before going to sleep!” Yeeha!!!), but they took too much space, imho.

In the overall, they each have good qualities, and I’m sure the new one will have its outstanding features, too. What’s more important for me is how these planners serves/would serve it’s purpose in my corny life. 🙂 I’m telling you, more than a planner, you can define my feelings in a certain period of time by reading them. Just a few nights ago, I was going back to my 2005 planner to check birthdays and other important dates when I happened to read the little notes and scribbles on each date, and they really made me smile (and some made me cringe— issues of the heart, especially if you’re so over it, can make you ask yourself, “What was I thinking???”).

So for now, my short-term goal is to get the planner ASAP so I can work my way around it. Obv, I’m very excited. 🙂 But then, let me say again…

peppermint mocha  

It’s nice to have you back after 9 long months!!! (It’s a grande hot peppermint mocha.) Here’s to enjoying more of you until the promo ends!!! 🙂

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9 replies

  1. ^^ good for you, stef! pareho tayo 🙂

  2. Woohoo! I just got my 7th sticker…14 more to go 😛

  3. Yeah. This time, it’s our turn to run away!

  4. Hi, Miguel. I didn’t have the chance to try it as an iced drink (because I don’t want to try any gingerbread variety ANYMORE, hihihi!). I tried it as a hot drink and it kinda disappointed me. No offense to whoever thought of including it in this year’s selections!

  5. Gingerbread tastes bad in ice latte… maybe it’s bearable as hot or frap.

  6. ^ thanks for dropping by, pearl! yeah, i tried the gingerbread latte kanina and it wasn’t as good 😦 but that’s one sticker so i guess that’s the treat 😉

    and yeah, what diet? 🙂

  7. my close friend who works in starbucks said that the gingerbread coffee doesn’t taste good according to a customer. i’ll get a load of mocha and java chip frappe first before using the 9 stickers for peppermint mocha and toffee nut.

    i have the 2006 planner, but i seldom write on it. i plan to make a scrapbook out of it instead. good luck with the stickers! scrap the diet first. you have all the time in the world for it. hehe.

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