the one with the enrollment story

I am now in UP for my 2nd semester enrollment. I am to blame, I guess, for not taking seriously the online pre-registration. While it has a disclaimer that a pre-enlister would have the same chances of getting slots as those who don’t enlist, who are we kidding here? Of course they would get the slots first. Three hours after the scheduled freshman registration, all slots have been filled up.

Contrary to my seemingly brilliant Plan B (a.k.a. cross over the Asian Center in case relevant subjects close early), I was advised by the graduate program coordinator that since I started taking my cognates in Area II (Political Dynamics), it will not be helpful for me to venture into Asian Studies unless I want to disregard what I took last sem and start over. Aside from time, I really can’t say if I want to go for Asian Studies anyway so I said I’m going to consider staying in the department (of Political Science, that is).

Anyway, all International Studies subjects this sem have been closed to registrants but  I was given an option to ask any of the professors teaching the subjects if they would gladly take one more student (ahem). If any of them permits, I can proceed with enrollment in the next days (in my case, on Friday, as our office will close for business. Too bad my shopping trip with H would not push through. We’re supposed to go dress/gown-shopping for the Christmas party.). I e-mailed a professor and unless it’s an extremely busy day in Malacañang, I hope he would be able to give me an answer within today. This is the reason why I’m still here. In case he responds, I’ll leave anyway because he still needs to sign Form 5A.  If he says no, he can’t afford to add one more, then I will go ahead and enroll for just one subject this sem. By the way, of all the professors teaching this sem, I only know one, as I was in his class last sem. I’m banking on him considering one more student. If not, then i guess I can spend more time planning our Christmas party presentations. 🙂 <Oh, it’s a very bitter joke, by the way. >

Currently, I have a slot reserved for Comparative Politics and Government under Area III. It’s a subject in the 300 series (you know how subjects are numbered 101 to 499 or whatever, and the higher the number, the higher the level of the subject matter. Last sem, the grad program coordinator (who’s on sabbatical starting this month) advised that a freshman shouldn’t really take subjects in the 300 series because it would probably be harder, plus I will be with students who have taken the 200 series thus they have more idea of what is being talked about. Ironically, very few if none at all of the 200 series subjects are pre-requisites of any 300-series subjects.

I mentioned the above concern to the assigned adviser but he told me that the method of teaching is the same anyway so he advised me to take it nonetheless. Thinking it over, it will be for my best interest to gear towards Area III as its Comparative Politics anyway, and an International Studies student could make use of the knowledge. Area I is about Philippine Politics, and as mentioned, Area II is Political Dynamics.

This is another classic moment of “if only I did *whatever* earlier”. However, I don’t want it to push me to the edge. It’s a waste taking one subject in a sem but I can find better ways to use my time. HOPEFULLY. For one, I need to catch up, big time, on my reading, and I’m not talking about fiction books here. I’ve gathered enough non-fiction/academic books that could take me more than a sem to read and grasp.

Anyway, this trip has been fun, except for the sick feeling I had on the way here (which a Biogesic and a Decolgen managed to stop in time). I had a tapsilog lunch at Rodic’s and chanced upon DVDs of Driving Miss Daisy, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Rain Man, Somewhere in Time, Kramer vs. Kramer, Capote, Schindler’s List, A Clockwork Orange, Dances with Wolves, Ordinary People, The Deer Hunter and Annie Hall– all, repeat, all for P150. Neat.

Okay, it’s almost 4 p.m. and no word from the prof. Mind you, he doesn’t give out his number in case you wonder why I have to resort to e-mail.

In my typical UP get-up, I’m going to Serendra now to have dinner with Iryn later, in a typical dugyot fashion. Hahaha!!! Who cares, I have money anyway. But not much. You know, sufficient and a bit more. Enrollment eh. Well, not to say that it’s kickback time, I pay for everything myself nowadays. Sino kayang inuutakan ko, eh di ako rin. 🙂

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  1. Hello. This is my first time to visit your really wonderful blog. You have sensible posts. Keep it up. Kudos!!!

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