wrapping it up

Related to my most recent post, I finalized this morning my enrollment for the 2nd semester. I was about 50% sure of enrolling for just 1 subject this sem but still had a nagging feeling that it’s not worth it. Well, upon final advising, I firmly said I want to take another subject and towards the end, I found myself defending that it’s not to just make 6 units but to set the tone of my disciplinal studies. It was another round of “not spreading yourself too thinly”, which I completely understand, from an adviser’s point of view. See, in the comprehensive exam (which should be passed to get your graduate degree), I was told that a student is required to answer 3 questions– 2 from one disciplinal area and 1 from another. There are 5 (I think) disciplinal areas in Political Science (where I started taking my cognates, see) and there’s a risk of not being able to answer as accurately as possible if the mastery of areas is scattered. Mastery of two areas is what’s best. I think the compre questions are that damn hard for the professors to strongly advise against taking cognates whimsically.

Anyway, I said below that I started with Area II last sem, and the one where I enlisted in last Monday (and I stand corrected with the course title), Special Problems in Comparative Government and Politics, is Area III. There was one open class, Regional Organizations and World Security, which is in Area IV, that I took to wrap up my enrollment. The Area II class last sem was very interesting but my gameplan now is to focus on Areas III (Comparative Politics) and IV (<Politics in> International Relations).

Interestingly, both subjects will be handled by the same professor, who is the mother of a classmate last sem. I’m a bit terrified because it’s been a running joke in the College that she’s notorious (in a “professory” kind of way, if you know what I mean). Anyway, we’ll see. Mike, an IS classmate, told me he’s gonna be in the same Tuesday class, so that’s one person I know. 🙂 Most of my past classmates luckily got the Saturday slots so I’ll be meeting new people next week, more or less.

UPDATE: Whoa! I just read one professor’s reply to my e-mail last Wednesday, and he said he’s accepting me in his class! Nyaaah, isn’t it too late? I’m an enrollment mechanics topnotch moron (you should see how tired I was this morning, walking back and forth, because of my own stupidity) so I don’t know what to do with this development. I want to take advantage of the slot! (Though a part of me says, Sir, ang labo mo, naka-enroll na po ako!). Think, think.

Anyway, honestly, I’m more terrified with the opening of this sem than last June’s. But I’m more excited, too. I guess this is good. Isn’t it? 🙂 Learning is fun. 🙂 I scanned the course outlines this morning and the terms civil-military relations, security sector reform, Vision 2020 and Bali Concord, among others, got my attention. I’m itching to look them up for a good head start. I have zero knowledge about the terms, believe me. Expect school rants about them and more in the coming weeks! 😉

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