Borat will open in Metro Manila theaters on the 22nd, I was told. I can’t remember what was the last movie I watched but I’m not going to miss this one on the big screen.

* * *

I will definitely go back to Bibliarch to buy looooots of Jordi Labanda notebooks. I don’t know what other shops in the metro sell them; I’ve only seen them, actually since last year, in Bibliarch in G2. Will have them before this week ends.


To hell with designer shoes and bags. Give me cool notebooks, pens and stationeries and I will gladly waste my hard-earned money on them. Well, these notebooks are quite expensive than your usual type. But then again, who cares? 🙂

Posted by:Ms. J

5 replies on “jordi and borat

  1. i looove the notebooks. i want to get some. pero sayang lang because they’ll gather dust in my room. i have this thing about not using pretty stuff. =)

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