W(onderful) W(onderful) W(eek)

Oh yes, it has been a www.

Monday, 06 November:

First day of my three-day leave. No matter how much I complain about my job, I miss it when I’m out. I feel guilty at times, too. I had a mini-errand then spent the afternoon in Starbucks (the stickers, remember?) while reading Guns, Germs and Steel.

Tuesday, 07 November:

Enrollment. See previous posts to know what happened. Decided to spend my day in UP, walking, daydreaming, eating, leafing through pages of books, searching interesting titles from a stack of DVDs. Then here is my P55-lunch happiness from Rodic’s:

There were more tapa beneath the fried egg. The red reflection on the fork was the shirt of the manang who served the tapsilog. The pills are for my regular medication (joke). I was ill then and was blowing my nose and sneezing, much to the disgust of the people I bumped into.

Around 4 p.m., I left QC and headed to Market!Market! Took the MRT, got off in Guadalupe, asked around, and remembered that of the numerous routes going to FTI, Pateros or Taguig, choose the one with C-5 on it and it will conveniently drop you off in front of Market. Waited a while for Iryn to arrive. Shopped a little. Read a few pages. Then Iryn came. Ate a rather hefty dinner at Pizza Company.

It’s been 7 years but nothing changed. It’s as if we only saw each other last week! Too many stories, we don’t know where to start! Of course, we talked about the people who weren’t there (always a fun thing to do, hehe)– contemplated on how hard it is and easy, at times, to be single at 24-25. Stories of our lovelives were surely not left untouched! Was really happy. I told her we should meet more often, especially now that I know how to go there!!! I’m thinking now of fun activities in Tagaytay when Lai arrives in January. I promise it’ll be fun. Let’s say it involves food and spa, hihihi!!! And they’re all on me. Promise. 🙂

Before I went home (I still have a 9 p.m. curfew, by the way), guess what I bought:

The cupcakes by Sonja have been talked about in numerous blogs so I gave it a try. I bought six of them. Unfortunately, the cab driver I got was literally sleeping so the cab swerved a bit in all directions, even if I talked and talked in my high-pitched voice just to keep him awake. Sleep got him, big time. So anyway, the cupcake box had its share of bumps so when I opened it at home, the cupcakes were like this na:

How appetizing, di ba? I felt bad, really. But they’re still yummy. Super.

Then as I was going through my mails, I got this:

Whaaa? Corny ploy to get me to subscribe to The Economist, which I won’t do by the way. So expensive! I am even having second thoughts with Time and Newsweek ‘no. A subscription invite for The Wall Street Journal came a few weeks back, too. What am I gonna do with a regular subscription anyway? I would rather take People or the trashy US Weekly any day, hahaha!!!

Wednesday, 08 November:

Woke up early. Went to Baclaran. Ate at Max’s (the very first Max’s). Went straight to Divisoria after lunch. You have no idea how tiring it was. Divisoria (Ylaya, Tabora, 168 mall) + a few weeks before Christmas + cheapskate shoppers = physical torture, excessive sweat, tired hands and arms, dugyot look without much effort. Garantisado.

Thursday, 09 November :

Went back to work. Did nothing major except for a few “good to go” letters. Spent time thinking of where to dine. Meetings. Happy day. Happy pocket day.

As usual, took pics with friends. Me with a newly-wed friend. Yes, she just got married. She’s happy. She is. 🙂

An attempt to be artsy by shooting Kats while she’s busy browsing her favorite blog— I swear she can’t let a day pass without checking it out (well, that and Lea’s site), even getting frustrated if the blogger doesn’t have an update yet. “Wala pang update si Lori!” Wahaa, close 🙂

Simple but full of laughter. This is the kind of dinner date I want to have over and over again.

Friday, 10 November :

Went back to UP to finalize my enrollment. But before that, I met with Christine to get my necklace orders. They’re cute and affordable. Contemplated whether to have my ID made (ergo wait for 100 years for an Ikot/ Math/OUR jeep or walk– after the million steps I did going back and forth because of my own stupidity with instructions) or just go. I went with the latter. Had a quick lunch at McDo Quezon Ave. Napped in the MRT and before I know it, I was at the Ayala Station. Walked and walked. Bought 2 seasons of a favorite show. Shopped for vanity essentials. Bought books (as usual). Had coffee (stickers, remember?). Napped while at the coffee shop. Before going home, I slipped my way to a commotion which was the bazaar of the Catholic Women’s Club or whatever, as hosted by these filthy rich matronas with their uniformed maids. I headed to the paper section and bought really old magazine issues which can be considered collector’s items, at the very least. Went home happy. Slept early, too.

Saturday, 11 November :

Watched Friends and Gilmore Girls. Watched a lot of videos in youtube. Received a text from my highschool bff that they’re going out. Okay, I will join them for dinner. Had a long bath. Everything happened so fast because I found myself alone window shopping in Glorietta. Thought real hard to snag the items on sale at Dorothy Perkins. I didn’t. I bought pens and bookmarks from National Bookstore instead. And I found something that I fell in love with but I resisted buying. (But I will go back to the store and buy it nonetheless, just wait.)

Sunday, 12 November :

Woke up late– and feverish. Prayed at home because I had to skip church. Felt really sick. Took medication. Watched Friends (then I’m cured, no bull.). Slept early. Not looking forward to work the next day.


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8 replies

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. I cant wait to see you guys next year!
    Tutal nasa 20 something lang (kris aquino intonation) tayo lets enjoy and make the most out of our lives

  3. ^ hi, pearl! my necklace is from 168 mall. 🙂 yup, daming good buys sa divi kaso lang it’s so congested kaya nakakaloka. walang luxury of time para pumili at mag-scrutinize. i think if you go there ng maaga, tipong kakabukas pa lang ng stores, baka mas okay. 🙂

  4. i miss pizza company. tumaba ako before dahil sa pizza at frappe sa starbucks.

    my best friend already has her starbucks planner. at ako wala pang nasisimulan. hehe.

    i like your necklace. ang kikay.

    madami bang magandang stuff sa divi? parang nakakapagod pumunta kasi madaming nagshoshopping for the holidays.

  5. @ din: korek ang sarap. hindi ba tayo kakain dun soon. hehe.

    @ lai: go go go buy your ticket na ha! hihihi! can’t wait to see you 🙂

  6. aaahhhh yes. tagaytay when i go there! yipeeeeee!! im so jealous! iryn did mention meeting up with you. wish i was there. =( oh well, i’d be there soon enough!!! *wink*

  7. ahhhhh rodic’s.
    kakakain ko lang ng hapunan pero nagutom ako bigla.
    sarap ng runny na sunny side up.

    i hate you.


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