1. I volunteered to spearhead our unit’s presentation for the Christmas party on December 8. It escaped my puny brain that 1) it’s only 4 weeks away 2) I have demanding school classes and 3) I am less of an organizer but more of an active follower (therefore, if you want a skit or a musicale for a presentation, hand me a script then off I zoom, but it will be hard for me to come up with a script and a production plan. *hint hint to officemates*).

In addition, I am already part-in-charge of the “bigger” presentation for the whole company (which will pit us even with those from the provincial branches). 

There was a small idea initially agreed on before I left the office. Let’s see if it pushes through or if someone will come up with a better idea. 🙂

2. School officially started. The professor was nice. She’s awesome. She admitted that she’s notorious but only with long reading lists and rigid requirements. Nyaaah. But I like her now. Then when she learned that (a classmate and I) will be in her other class tomorrow night, she naughtily smiled as if to say, “Poor you…” True enough, she said that both of us will be sooo swamped this semester. That sealed my decision not to undergo a change in matriculation to take the Monday night slot opened for me by this other professor. I just thought of killing myself slowly thru school but of course I didn’t mean it. 🙂

Right now, fictions will take the backseat. I officially started gathering materials (for the prof’s long reading list— and she wasn’t kidding) about the military. Yes, the military. It’s an area I didn’t care for a bit in the past and now I’ll be forced to.  Didn’t like war/soldier movies, didn’t even watch Jag. It will be learning from scratch. Expect me to rant on civil-military relations and the politics surrounding it in the weeks to come.

Mind you, it’s for only one subject. Let’s see how much my equilibrium will be shaken if the professor gives her other long reading list for tomorrow’s subject.

3. I was unstoppable. I bought my Jordi Labanda notebooks after class. Actually, one is by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. They’re sooo adorable. It’s love. ♥♥♥  (I slashed my budget and I’ll be on digestive cookies, coated and otherwise, paired with yogurt or tuna with calamansi for the next two weeks. No kidding. That’s what you get from buying <clue: more than two> notebooks that cost almost P500 each. Tsk. Guilt trip.)

4. Despite news and discoveries about S and his supposed involvement with other women, I can’t seem to care that much anymore. I guess I am into that level of being contented liking him, to hell with whatever’s happening around him. I’m not even doing anything now (read: go to his office sometimes to make pa-cute). I was sent a couple of pics of him during last Friday’s ball and that made me happy na. To be fair, he looks decent and cute. Thank heavens for “Crop” and “Auto Balance”. 🙂

While reading the syllabus earlier I thought if soon we could talk about something related to the subject as I learned he used to be with the U.S. Air Force. However, pardon my being so mean, but I am having doubts if he is— how do I put this— uhm, apt? suitable? enough to engage in an intellectually-stimulating discourse about the subject? Am I being too judgmental if i say that I don’t think he is? Well, I could be 101% wrong, what do you know? Let’s see. 🙂

5. I got my Jordi notebooks, yipeeee!!!!!

6. Busy week ahead. Meetings. Tree trimming. Small parties.

7. This is it. Our unit’s newsletter is revved up to go into print. For real. And I’m officially screwed. Hahaha!!! But I can do it. I got S’ cropped picture with his signature pogi smile (plus I got my Jordi notebooks!!!). That should be enough to pull me through.

8.  The next weeks are going to be very hectic.

(i got new cute notebooks. hihihihi.)

P.S. No more coffee for me in the next few days. I don’t know if the earthquake this morning had something to do with it but when I had my usual hot peppermint mocha after lunch, I felt really mean and fast palpitations and my hands were really shaking. At one point, I had to stop just to keep my balance (and to think I was along the sidewalk of Taft Avenue!). It was just horrible. I downed lots of water and it calmed me a bit. There were remnants of the bad caffeine effect until I was on board the MRT to Ayala. It was just so *can’t think of another word*. I’ll have H, our secretary, fill my sticker card. It’s just a planner. Plus, my notebook obsession got me thinking about the TeNeues planners — and how the New York or Andy Warhol theme would be a perfect gift for me, hahaha!!!


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  1. me, too.. i’m supersensitive to caffeine..

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