don’t get me wrong

i, along with almost all the filipino people all over the world, rejoice in pacman’s win this afternoon. it’s great. it’s amazing. it’s good for us.

however, not to rain on everyone’s parade, i kinda rooted for morales in this fight. don’t get me wrong– i probably don’t have enough clout to talk about boxing, let alone this fight, when i don’t have a super great deal of interest in the sport. i don’t know—maybe it’s because i have a tendency to root for the underdog (though they say morales is mayabang), or i just seem to like morales’ face than pacquiao’s. hahaha!!!

in the final analysis, morales didn’t lose. for sure, tons of money were raked in under his belt even with the loss. if only for that, the hell with the title. plus, it’s probably his fault to do a nicole richie to prepare for his bout.

i feel proud to be pinoy because of manny but i can’t stop thinking of morales, too. especially when they show over and over, and sometimes in slow-mo, the way pacman made him sit down inside the ring in the 3rd round. wawa. 😦

mom said she hasn’t been this much happy in days. naks naman. as for me, well, sitting a few centimeters away from S last friday, even if we didn’t talk (well, when he arrived he asked bee and i, “what are you having?”— you think that should count?), was more than enough. it’s like a lot of notches beyond my “quota”. hahaha. i get contented easily, mind you. it’s always best to take things slow. plus someone might really kill me (not that i’m afraid nor i believe she can do it, but what do you know?hahaha.)

don’t get me wrong, last friday, looking a lot of times at his back, as if i’m memorizing everything about his back and hair, is really sufficient na. as a patient person would say, till next time. hahaha!!! 🙂

Categories: Random Judie

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