i was attacked

i am afraid that something will happen to my computer if i don’t get this THING fixed. the last thing i need at this point in my life is to lose a big chunk of MEMORIES stored in this computer.

anyway, when i logged in today these pop-ups kept on appearing. my homepage which is set to this blog automatically routed to some site which says my site was infected by something. i tried refreshing but it stayed.

my system was fucked up, again. this is probably the worst because before, i managed to fix the prob, or so i think, by running adware scans. it used to be the memory that’s been the problem— it’s too low, so it’s slow.

there were endless reminders that my computer was infected by so-and-so, Trojan something, Malware shit, worm-worm something and all, i don’t know what to believe anymore. i decided not to do anything, meaning not click on any recommendations which SEEMS to be legit. except for one who said that i have to click the “baloon” to get all available software. BALOON. duh. it even said that “Please, use the AntiSpyware…’ why beg? 

and oh, pop-ups of naked women continuously appears too,  asking me to go talk to some random naked “chick” from makati. wtf?

so, i’m thinking of what could i have done to get this.

let’s see. last night, i was on friendster for most of the night. you think i was punished for browsing on my friends’ accounts to check whatever happened to them now? i was also here in wordpress because i changed my template again. you think that should deserve a trojan punishment? i was in amazon, too. then i dropped by mar roxas’ website, then the liberal party’s (hey, no judging). i downloaded an episode of studio 60 on the sunset strip from a fansite which i’m a member of. you think that caused it? i’ve been doing that, downloading from sendspace, since january– i’ve watched and downloaded tons of stuff about FRIENDS and studio 60. you think i reached the end of it?

i’m really desperate. i’m afraid that my accounts will all be hacked, especially that since this is my home PC, i set all of them to remember my usernames and passwords. it’s shallow, but i don’t want to lose this blog, i don’t want to lose my friendster account. for now, if something messes up with these accounts that appears to be “not me”, i didn’t do it.

anyway, i don’t know anyone who can help me with this. believe me. i might go sacrifice and buy a new one na lang. shit, i will definitely miss eating.


Categories: Random Judie

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