here they are…

help. here are some of the “warnings” i get. which of them is legitimate? none? all of them? i just feel iffy because of the grammar. is this beyond repair? or repairable but might as well get a new one? help. i mean it. the yellow warning signals, they kept on flashing. grrr.

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  1. You might have TONS of spyware on your compooper. I use 3 different programs. You can download one called Ad Aware by Lavasoft, and that gets rid of lots of spywares. Although, some spywares are undetected by this, so you can also download a free trial of Spy Sweeper (I don’t have the websites, but you can just google them.) There’s another one I use, but I got it from work, so I don’t know if there’s a website where you can download it from.

    The slowing down of the computer is mostly caused by Spywares, because of the pop ups and because it’s recording each and every single thing you’re doing. It’s using up too much of the memory, so try removing them first. If worst comes to worst, and spywares are gone but you are still having issues, try to get an Anti Virus program. I might have one somewhere, and I’ll try to email it to you. I don’t know if it will work that way though. Anyway, try mo muna yung first part. Any other problems, consult your IT director sa work. They might have a solution for you. Email me k?? Aiight, love you, and see you soon!

  2. my computer’s anti-virus program expired already and a pop-up appears about it. my brother can’t remove this true vector services message. we are limited to checking friendster and blogs. no unknown sites for now before we get an anti-virus program placed in our PC. ask a computer technician or somebody about it. my friend’s pc got infected by the trojan virus and she reboot the system. i don’t know how she did it though.

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