better late than never (still in pictures)

On the 22nd, we had our unit’s Christmas party. As I said, perhaps the last among all the Mission units to have one.

We were there first to check the stuff we’ll need for our small team presentation.

This was the time when we got there, and we have not touched a single morsel of food because most of our colleagues are still on the line (aka still working). So understandable na wating-wating na ang tingin ko at gusto ko na mag-amok.

Then the party started and in the middle of eating (our late) lunch, we were asked to present. To make my ramblings short, we were sabotaged by the circumstances. (Grrr.) So we were left with no choice but to sing (actually no, it didn’t occur to us then to suggest to forego the presentation until we get the problem fixed. Shemaks, no one thought of that!)

It was a terrible presentation. The Powerpoint and the song would have made it all good. But we’re stuck with our own voices. (Grrr. I ranted about it in my secret-for-now blog where I dispense my anger, no holds barred.)

See, they weren’t even interested.

We went on to the next team. They were funny na rin.

Then the boys.

Job doubled as a very entertaining host and a wacky character in their musical skit. Bagay naman. Magaling eh. 🙂

Then T and D sang Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang in videoke. The point of interest there was that D doesn’t know any Filipino words apart from kanan and kaliwa. It was a good rendition, save for their very loud voices in high notes. You’re not singing in an open field, for God’s sake. 🙂

The contractors, with two other officers, gave the liveliest presentation. They had time to practice, when and how, we don’t know.

As Jobby said, we will never look at B the same way again.

The last team showcased L’s comedic talent. Even if the skit wasn’t supposed to be one, as it was inspirational.

“Father, I loooove you!” Grabe L, parang K-1, hindi anak.

While they were busy conducting the raffle (which could have been done in a much simpler way!), we asked for a shot.

When everyone who was left started singing, we hyper-ly (haha) started the videoke classic I Will Survive then segued to the door. The line, “Now go, walk out the door…”— that’s what we actually did.

We headed to LRI Business Plaza along N. Garcia for Ms. C’s Christmas treat to her loyal, sometimes stubborn, wards (hahaha!!!). It’s quite like our own team’s Christmas gimmick.

We first trooped to Foot Options spa, where we were treated to upper back and feet massage for about an hour. It was soothing, save for my jerking from the massage chair kapag nakikiliti ako.

Then we went to the 2nd floor for dinner at The Room Upstairs. It’s a cool restaurant slash cool furniture and home decor showroom. The place was good, and conducive for reading. Should go there again sometime. The food was good, too. what a nice way to cap the night.

Ang dami nakapansin we were all wearing black…

See the clock behind me? I would love to have that piece in my future home.

Kunyari candid.

Though in black, it was a merry night-out for the team. I even forgot how long ago was the last one we had.

The day was, in the overall, okay. Not amazing, but okay. Plus, it was the time for our own gift-giving. I’m very thankful to all those who remembered me. Going home with 3 bags full of presents was awesome. And I won a Chivas Regal in the raffle; it took my mind off the Nullah beaded skirt that I “donated”. The big boss won it and I’m sure his wife will get it (naman!), and since he’s the big boss it was awkward for me to ask him to trade it with my Scotch whisky. 🙂

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