Hey, you.

I spent a day off from work with nothing done. I made a resolve to stop ranting about my laziness as the reason why nothing gets done. It’s a simple excuse that sounded better than saying, “I don’t want to do (insert task)…yet (or in several instances, at all).”

I have been off to some parallel universe where everything is fluffy and light to bear at the same exact moment that I’m living my life.

It may take some time to straighten me out, and you’ve been witness on how I attempted to do so a million times.

I still am searching for answers to questions that, surprisingly, I do not know, too. I don’t want to attribute it to quarterlife crisis because, again, it’s an excuse to define something that is emotionally unresolvable at a given moment.

I draw up plans for my life and it would be nice to make them come true. Okay, this could be a resolution for next year. As the other self-imposed resolutions went, let us see how far I can take this.

Looking at the bigger picture, I can say I am in search of meaning.

I am really so messed up, and it’s funny that people think I’m on the right track. If you only knew. My mind has always been a busy thoroughfare.

Categories: Reflective Judie

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