Reading shift

I went book shopping a bit after work today. Someone special gave me a GC to Powerbooks as a Christmas gift (hint to friends on my birthday, hahaha!!! Think about it, it’s lightweight, and you don’t need to wrap it, hahaha!), and I want to use it to buy something for, believe or not, my soul. 

I intended to buy one book of Joshua Harris, Not Even a Hint, so I did. I have I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl gathering dust in my shelf. I must have read them a few times before, until I preferred fiction and other hyped literature. Now I promise to read and feel them. Yes, it’s a kind of a reading shift.

Since death came in the family unexpectedly, I’ve turned to inspirational and spiritual readings for strength and guidance. I know, it’s so not me, but reading them as I undergo the stages of grief really helps.  Not to be too overly dramatic, but it’s true.

It’s not that I have not had doses of the kind in between my regualr reading list.  I did have moments with God’s Little Devotional Book(s) and Touchpoints. Obviously, I only read them when I’m stressed about something pending. Now, I think it’s horrible to only read them in an attempt to make yourself good just because you want something to happen in your favor.

Anyway, I’ve read a few parts of Through A Season of Grief, as lent by Ms. C.  She also gave me Grieving Forward which I intend to start tonight.

I understand that 3-4 books at a time are too much. It has always been but unlike my attitude with books of other genres, I do not intend to collect more of these types of books just for the sake of having them. I intend to read all of them, and understand the wisdom behind each and every book. If I remember correctly, Mommy still has The Purpose  Driven Life which I will also borrow soon.  

Anyway, to cap by book shopping, I bought The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer To The Heart of God and for a bit of my old preference, I picked a cheap-but-good-as-new copy of Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil.

Most importantly, I used most of the GC value for a new Bible. Yup, a new Bible. The one I had is so old, it was during my high school days pa. Anyway, the one I bought is cute, it has a pink cover, made by Zondervan. For another bit of indulgence, I intend to save up on even just one of those Bible in a Bag items.

If there’s something I am continuously in love with, hands down, it’s still a book. Any kind, at a given moment.

I haven’t had time to update my book page like I used to but here’s the best that I can do as of now.

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