Thank you.

A year ago today, I made a short list of things I want to do or want to still be for 2006.  So far, okay naman ang compliance rate.

My birthday in Bangkok. Participation in office activities. A new boss. Night-outs. Secrets. Real-life problems. An award. A few bursts of anger. My graduate course. Cramming. Spas. Steve. iPod Mini. Office politics. Continued addiction sa Friends. Parties. Computer viruses. A few irresponsibilities. A new blog. More pictures. Daddy’s death. Seeing all my siblings and meeting other relatives for the first time. Lots of tears. 

It went by swiftly but it was, indeed, eventful. Thank you, 2006, sa lahat ng tawa, sa lahat ng mga lessons sa buhay, sa lahat ng mga bagong bagay at yung mga finally nagawa ko habang binabaybay ko ang labindalawang buwan mo.

This year, ang working theme ng resolutions ko ay maging SIMPLE. In a nutshell, it’s taking things one at a time, scrimping and saving, making every moment count, and being serious with life, for real. Ayan na ang keywords. I will be 25 in a few days and it wouldn’t hurt to start putting my act together.  

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