It’s amazing how I take immediate interest with gossips. Face it, between reading a textbook and a tabloid magazine, mas madaling tandaan, cover to cover, ang mga nasa tabloid. With the advent of wikis and gossip blogs, still, mas madali at nakakalibang silang basahin kesa sa mga serious na websites.

I was searching pertinent sites for my class later when I came across the Mark Foley scandal (eh ngayon ko lang sya nabasa ng buo).

Then I am into Brangelina if only for their humanitarian work kahit pa alam ko maghihiwalay din sila soon, pero you know naman I’m for Team Aniston din. I’ve read countless absurd stories about that “sick love triangle” pero pag inviolved na ang kabaliwan, parang hello, sobra naman.

Happy din ako since I have no way of verifying, hindi ko alam kung makakareceive ako ng January issue ng Vanity Fair. Mabuti naman dumating na ngayon. Literal na ibinato nung messenger papasok ng gate namin. Manong, happy new year ha.

We’re lucky to have a day of extended break. Yun nga lang bukas, it’s going to be an arduous haul. Wala nang kibuan sa dami ng gagawin. Perhaps madami din iinit ang ulo. Pero ang maganda, pwede na mag-out ng 3:30 p.m. so I won’t be late for class. Hay, priorities. Let’s be thankful for them, otherwise, mas boring ang buhay.

It’s such a struggle to do away with laziness. Ang hirap. Sobra.

Categories: Random Judie

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