Guess what’s back!

Wow, good thing I haven’t made a full pledge to our self-imposed austerity measures for 2007. With a returning “visitor” such as this, how can you even save?

Taken from the MV Doulos website:


Manila – Good news for bookworms and ship lovers: Doulos, the largest floating bookshop and oldest ocean-going passenger ship in the world, is visiting Manila again.

Built just two years after Titanic, Doulos is the world’s oldest ocean-going passenger ship still sailing. With its enormous onboard bookshop and its international crew of 350 volunteers, representing over 50 countries, Doulos is an international ambassador of goodwill and understanding, bringing knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world.

Over 6,000 different titles are available, in the bookshop at very affordable prices. Subjects range from science, medicine and management to Christian literature, hobby and cookery books. Most of the books are in English, with a smaller selection in Tagalog.

Doulos has toured Asia during the past seven months and will visit Manila for the fifth time after almost 6 years. After a successful visit to Bacolod the Doulos will continue her stay in the Philippines in Manila followed by Cebu (January 26 – February 19, 2007) and at last Batangas (February 22 – March 5, 2007).

From January 5 – January 22, 2007 the ship’s bookshop will open daily to the public. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, Sunday and Monday from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The entrance fee is 10 Pesos. Children under 16 are free to visit, but must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

I’m sooo happy. ♥ O pano, kita kita na lang tayo dun!

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  1. Aaarghhh. Of course, na-miss ko siya. I remember going to the docks the last time the ship came to Manila– thesis writing days pa yun!

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