Why, Tigger, why?

It was on primetime news. “Tigger” hit a teenager during a photo shoot and it was caught on tape! Hay naku, what could have provoked the costumed guy? He’s tired? Kilala kaya nya yung teenager na yun at rumesbak sya? Baka naman kinurot sya ng pino nung bata sa likod kaya sya na-okray? Whatever the reason was, I really feel sad. The job of putting a Tigger costume and mingling with people, more often with amused, sometimes real rowdy patrons, could really be stressful. Kaya lang, Tigger is a well-loved character. Hay. Kahit minsan matigas ang ulo nya, like bouncing and bouncing na nakakainis na at panira sa plano ng Hundred Acre Woods gang, never naman sya nanakit pa. Hahaha, why am I so affected? I’m such a retard.

*     *    *

On the same news program, I saw Billy Crawford. Is it only me, o he has a striking resemblance, and could pass for a young Matthew Perry?

*     *     *

Since Friday, I’ve had a weird fascination for a 10-point Comic Sans font. It’s hard when you have to send diplomatic-type e-mails as comic sans is a very informal font. Ewan ko ba, I just love seeing it when I type. Too bad, I cannot alter the default font for this blog template. Whew. It’s like I have a crush on the font. Hahaha. Retardation sign number 2.

*     *     *

So many things to do, so little time (because a great chunk of my time have been wasted, and it’s my choice). Naku tama na ito, no matter how much admission I do, it doesn’t and won’t justify bakit ako nagca-cram with all my tasks! Wala na. Hopeless case na ako. Case closed.

Categories: Random Judie

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