short thought number 1

I don’t know if because last semester’s my first venture back to the halls of the university, that I easily felt guilty over requirements procrastinatingly made. This semester, I love the subjects more, I love the set-up more, basta in sum, I love it better than the last. Must be the reason why I do not feel guilty if I don’t show up in class, although I had legitimate reasons why. Honestly, I am more attuned with the subject matters now but I have a nagging feeling that I wanna drop the subjects because they’re taking too much of my time. I feel like absorbing the information on my own because there’s no pressure of deadlines. 

In a moment like this, I always tell myself how much waste it would be if I throw away one semester, six units and a couple thousand bucks.

The problem is, I don’t seem to be really affected. 

Categories: Student Judie

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