short thought number 2

Back in the days, our office used standard yellow Post-its. And they really drowned us with the cute little yellow things. Lately, they still do swarm us with Post-it supplies but our secretary took pleasure in a variety of colors and sizes. It was fun, in a way, kinda like a delight in the eyes. 

My only problem now is I can’t use any of my personally-bought Post-its without fearing that people might mistake me for stealing from the office supply cabinet, which, I think, is explicitly stated in our employee’s handbook. You might say, I shouldn’t feel a bit guilty if I didn’t do anything. However, you can never tell how much doom a simple suspicion of (petty) theft, for instance, can bring to your foreign service career. (Yes, this is to say that sometimes, evil lurks in every nook and corner of our office, and strikes whenever it feels like it. )

Anyway, I really have a thing for colored Post-its.  Aside from chocolates and books, I used to ask my sister and niece to send me Post-its whenever they send us stuff.  Then I collected a variety of them from my regular trips to National Bookstore. Now that I’m studying again, and found good use for my colored favorites, then I discover that my office is swarmed by the same thing.

For whatever it’s worth, I earn enough to splurge on Post-its.    

(I guess I am just paranoid because a simple inquiry was blown out of proportion last Friday. I feel bad for the concerned, and sad to say, I am starting to lose faith in the practice of listening to both sides of the issue. If something like that happened, then I should be careful with anything that can be grossly and negatively associated with me.)

Categories: Employee Judie

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