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I was thrilled to be home after a busy day at work. After all, it’s the first day of the American Idol auditions! I am seldom amused with auditioners (?) who, obviously, just wanted to be on TV. Some were somewhat, some were simply unfortunate. But I do tune in for the really good ones.  I wasn’t able to watch everything, was probably 20 minutes late, but I’m happy to root for the following, in particular:

Jarrod Fowler 

Jarrod Fowler, a U.S. Navy Intelligence Specialist, who has won their own Idol competition. Haha, you know how I have a liking for balding men. And he sings well. For sure the uniform did add something, and even if he has to drop the outfit in the eliminations, I know that something will be left in him. I’m betting he’s not single anymore though. *crush crush*

Rachel Jenkins

I don’t know if it’s the uniform again, but I also fell for Rachel Jenkins, an Army reservist-slash-body shop worker for her parents. She’s married to another Army who is now in Baghdad. She’s adorable in a Katharine McPhee style. Who knows, when she sheds off the camo, she’s also very sultry. 🙂

Denise Jackson

Sobrang touched ako with her story. Denise Jackson has a druggie mother and then good thing her grandma stepped in when she’s about to be brought to a foster home. She was a “crack baby” nga daw. Oh well, she sings so good naman.

There were a few more good ones but I just loved these three. I hope I won’t be kept longer out of the house because I want to see the Seattle auditions. At least, I have something to look forward to again. As in something regular. I just hope they won’t mess up the schedule. I agreed with Patty’s post that the cable programming grid was really crazy lately, and while I am not affected by the change of The O.C.’s schedule, I found out that Ellen has been transferred, too! It’s now on the 7 p.m. timeslot. The CSIs have not been touched yet but I kinda lost my interest in them lately. The same with The Daily Show Show and with Leno.

*     *     *

I just wish they would import Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip na lang!!! And of course, Dirt. Great show by the way, although they say never really judge a series by it’s premiere episode. Well, I have not downloaded the 2nd episode (courtesy of who else, my guardian angel, Doris), but I plan to, hopefully this weekend, especially now that I have to watch out for a mention of Tina Harrod’s name.

Tina who? Well…

Jennifer Aniston is rejoining Courteney Cox on prime time, but this time they’re anything but friends.

Aniston, 37, guest stars in the season finale of Cox’s new FX Networks show, “Dirt,” the network said Monday. She plays Tina Harrod, a rival magazine editor of Cox’s ruthless tabloid queen, Lucy Spiller.

The episode, which airs March 27, marks the first time the two “Friends” stars have worked together since the popular, long-running sitcom went off the air in 2004.

“Dirt” takes a dark look at the relationship between the entertainment industry and the tabloids as it follows Cox, 42, as the hard-charging editor of a celebrity rag.

She and her husband, David Arquette, are executive producers on the series with creator Matthew Carnahan and writer Joel Fields. (View source)

*     *     *

I watched, twice, the categories I wanted to see in the Golden Globe Awards last night. Studio 23 and Star World aired their respective replays 20 minutes apart. Meryl is ♥. I definitely loved her “quietly, clearly, and authoritatively demand for it” line. I should use it sometime (i-try ko kaya bukas, as I have a counselling session with my boss! Hahaha!). I loved America Ferreira’s speech for Best Actress (can totally relate to Betty, eh?), laughed at Sacha Baron Cohen’s, and wasn’t at all awed with Brangelina (come on, I didn’t hate them even though I ♥ Jen, but they weren’t as “whoa!” as I expected. For those who did, I totally respect you. Angie looked so stressed. Must be with the moving in project?).  I was bored with Tom Hank’s tribute-cum-introduction for Warren Beatty, and even if Warren’s acceptance speech was equally long and as annoying in some parts, I particularly gushed at the very first sentence he said once on stage: “It’s hard to be humble when you’re married to Annette Bening.” Heehee. Then one of his last few towards the end, still to Annette: “Thank you for always making me your most promising newcomer.” Hay, gosh. Such love. ♥♥♥

*     *     *

I’m loving Travis again. Travis, my TV. not some character on a new soap. Hello. While I will never ever get tired of my Friends DVDs (should be watched just like you would take your regular medication), it’s comforting to finally settle to something, and not just flipping channels to constitute your tube fix.

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  1. hi ate judie! i like denise jackson too.. kakaiba yung story nya and she has a pretty powerful voice talaga.. konting practice pa eh okay na. and i found the other guy hilarious! yung lumabas pa para uminom ng mineral water! hehehe! ibang klase ang confidence nung kumanta ng my heart eill go on huh! 🙂

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