unsettling Seattle

It was my birthday, alright, but I figured in a mild spat since early morning that I wasn’t as enthusiastic to catch the Seattle auditions. However, I had no choice but to watch the 6 p.m. telecast because my boss urged us to go home early due to the horribly-scheduled ass-licking campaign take-off point of Mayor Atienza.

Anyway, I am one with a lot of observers who felt that Simon was a bit too far with his comments on auditioners lately because they attacked the person. He used to be very notorious with the talent, not the person. I won’t be a hypocrite though, because I had a great laugh of my own with the people he ridiculed contestants a jungle creature and a giraffe, among others.

Anyway, beyond the utter craziness, on to the people who went there to take a shot at stardom. Very few good ones were there, but like the popular sentiment, the Malakar siblings, Shyamali (?) and Sanjaya got my nod, maybe up until the Hollywood night.

Shyamali Malakar

Sanjaya Malakar

I hope they will maintain their very healthy sibling rivalry. And not that they don’t look good, but a make-over once they’re in Hollywood would up their chances to be liked by more people. They’re such talented young people, definitely waaaay better than the deep down annoying Brittanum twins last year.

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