525,600 (times 25)

I'm 25! 

Yesterday was an ordinary day.

It makes me wonder why I engage in mild but a bit hurtful spats with my Mom everytime I celebrate, or about to celebrate, my birthday. This year, it was my fault, I admit, but I’m still too proud to say sorry, or to have the guts to take-in what my heart tells me is the real issue behind all of this. I’m a bad daughter sometimes. It’s annoying but I know that we cannot hate our mothers for being so naive with things. You grew up in different eras. Anyway, moving on…

I don’t know if it’s because I have a lot of things going on in my head that everything, as in all my angst about turning 25, vanished when the day itself came. So what if I’m already 25? Most of my colleagues will turn a year older as well anyway.

I guess I just have to realize, more strongly than before, that I aged another year, so it’s a cue to start treating and living life seriously. Maybe this age can basically draw what will make or break me in the years to come.

Well, despite the cerebral ponderings about real life, I just have to inject that the past month and this one, as in every year since I started working, are my most “expensive” months. I am really strapped for cold cash lately, and my credit card has saved me more than thrice. But no worries, I am completely in control of my finances. I am not yet neck-deep, probably just waist-deep in terms of my credit status. This is an explicit manifestation of being alive. I forgot who said the line, “In between birth and death, you pay the bills.” Whoever you are, amen.

I am thankful to those who remembered me, and those who took time to buy me gifts. Let’s not be weird here, of course, material gifts bring happiness, no matter what it is. Anyway, I am not ranking and I never will, but I just wanna say that, Erwin (who is my boyfriend if I hit 40 and I’m still single AND cows are extinct– both conditions must exist together!), your gift rocked my world. Corny, but true. It would have rocked me more if it’s Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore Story or William Easterly’s book, but still!!! 🙂

Oh well, I want to give myself a pat on the back for surviving almost 14 million minutes. I plan (no, I will) do better with my life, so I can deserve a thunderous applause for having a life well-lived which started in my quarterlife.


Here’s to blowing all negativities away! 🙂

Categories: Random Judie, Reflective Judie

3 replies

  1. Thanks much, Jacs and Pearl!

  2. ei, happy birthday! i’m turning 26 soon so that makes me a year older. aargh! i’ve ceased to worry about my age. it’s not how long you’ve lived on earth anyway, but how you live your life every single day.

    i’m neck-deep in credit card bills. i’m starting to save up. for real.

    you take care!

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